cute winter

last week we had temperatures dip into the 20s and teens.  whenever it gets that cold, I drag my big, puffy down jacket out of the depths of my closet and off I go.  while I always get compliments on my coat, I never feel “cute”.

I love this gal’s snow outfit and giant scarf.  she manages to look cozy AND cute!


9 Responses to “cute”

  1. Felicity said:

    Adorable! I’m usually glad to live in an area that doesn’t get much winter weather but every now and then (when I see pictures like this!) I miss it.

  2. Ashley said:

    Love this. I finally got rid of my super warm goose down puffy coat (it was even 3/4 length, so it kept my legs nice and warm). My sister ruined it for me when she said I looked like the abominable snowman. I was pregnant at the time, too, so emotions ran high!

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  3. *gemmifer* said:

    Cozy, but only on top… I’m freezing just looking at her legs only in tights!

  4. Camellia said:

    I love the loop scarves! There are no ends to tie off, just a bundle of fabric around your neck. Darling!

  5. Zinzi said:

    oh man. i was just in copenhagen and looking way way wayy more miserable than this lady (huge snow storm all over scandinavia!). good job, lady: cute and warm?!?!