Monthly Archives: November 2010


right this second…

right this second

I’m feeling:
giddy with excitement of great things happening!
festive… {I can’t help it – I love the holidays}

I really want:
some red pants or maybe
a red skirt or some
red shoes!

thank you, so so much for your encouragement and support on our new venture.  we’re very excited about the new direction for our business.  everything just… flows. if you heard rumors about us offering jewelry – they’re true!  we sold out at Little Winter but I’m working to add some things to our shop by mid-late November.  you can see a sampling of what we had at Little Winter here and here.  if you purchased a calendar from our shop, firstly, thank you!!  second, those will be shipping out on Monday.  thanks for your patience!!

I hope you have the happiest of happy weekends, friends!!  chat soon…

{photo from kid_curry, via design crush}