sparkling rings

kate szabone sparkling rings

I love these new sparkling rings with gorgeous grey diamonds from Kate Szabone.

see my engagement ring from Kate.


15 Responses to “sparkling rings”

  1. Carrie said:

    Those rings and your engagement ring are fabulous!! I just took a spin through her shop and love it. sigh


  2. Meagan said:

    I am soooo smitten by these! I have a traditional engagement ring and a tiny diamond band as my wedding ring but I would love to someday have one like yours. You lucky girl!

  3. EC said:

    Gorgeous! What kind of wedding band did you get with that engagement ring?

  4. alyson said:


    my wedding band is exactly like the band with the diamond, minus the diamond of course. just a simple hammered gold band. :)

  5. sarah said:

    ah, then it was you! I could never remember where I first saw Kate Szabone’s work when I posted about the wedding rings we had her make last winter. It was much like this one: a slightly darker grey diamond set in rose gold, but with a simple hammered band. Looks like it’s become a popular combination for her, can’t say I disagree – I look at my ring every day and love how special and perfect it is.

    And I have you to thank for introducing me to Kate Szabone! It’s overdue, but thanks so much!

  6. Karin said:

    gorgeous. i’ve had kate’s etsy shop as one of my favs for a long time…such beautiful pieces!

  7. Kate Szabone said:

    Hi Alyson,

    Just saw this post!

    It was your unique engagement ring that brought so many people to my shop in the past year for their very own!

    Thanks so much for featuring these rings…again!

  8. Dani Kreeft said:

    sigh. so vintage and worn and timeless. i love how different, but classic these are.

  9. Danielle said:

    I was JUST looking at this. And then I thought — “If I post this on my blog, would my boyfriend take that as a hint? Would I want him to take it as a hint? If he did decide to take that as a hint, that’s certainly the ring I would want him to give me having taken the hint” and so forth. SUCH a beautiful ring.

  10. Emily said:

    Danielle–I had the exact same thought progression!!