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right this second…

happy new year

wishing you:
the happiest  new year EVER!

thank you, so SO much, for reading Unruly Things.  I wouldn’t be anywhere without your love, support and encouragement.  so cheers to you!!  2010 was monumental for me: marriage, new endeavors and big announcements*.  however, I have a feeling 2011 will be my best year yet.

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!!!!!  see you next year!

{*in case you’ve missed it – I’m halfway through my pregnancy!  check out my 20 week belly bump here}

{photos by the amazing celine}


snowy scenes from Idaho

idaho1 idaho2

dlb and I got home from our white Christmas in Idaho yesterday and I wish I never had to leave!  I always feel like it’s truly winter in the snow.  we went snowshoeing, played “stick” with the resident polar bear dog, made snow ammo, ate lots of yummy food & sweets, opened presents on Christmas morning and had a wonderful time together as a family.  I hope your Christmas was all you’d wished for!

{the bottom photo is on our drive through Idaho on the way to dlb’s parent’s house in McCall.  it was 6 degrees outside when I took that photo and all the trees were beautifully frozen!}


right this second…

us holiday

wishing you:
happy holidays from our growing family to yours.

I’m off tomorrow to Idaho to spend Christmas with dlb’s family.  I’m excited to be able to relax for a few days and extra excited to play in the snow!  I hope your holidays are the happiest they can ever be.  see you next week!

{illustration from our Christmas cards this year!}


how we do christmas

our christmas

I thought I’d show you a bit of our Christmas decorations since I’ve been posting decor inspiration none stop this season.  we settled for red lights last year because the stores were out of white but I’ve really grown to like them a lot, especially with all of our colorful animal ornaments!  I love those little vintage brass deer so much and I picked up our stockings at a sample sale, but you can purchase them online here.


comfy cozy

sleep outfits

something about the holidays always makes me think of cozy sleepwear.  99% of the time, some sort of lounge or sleepwear item is on my list.  I guess it’s because I imagine opening it on Christmas then spending the rest of the morning lounging in my new gift.  these sleep outfits from Anthropologie are super cute.  love those socks!