a love for tweed

tweed jumper


at Little Winter, I fell madly in love with a tweed jumper from Elly of Garment House.  {not pictured here – sold out online}  sadly, it was a bit too big for me but of course I didn’t go home empty handed.  I snagged an adorable pair of wool baby pants from her that I’m simply in love with but more about those and my growing collection of baby clothes soon.

yesterday, I saw Claudia in her adorable tweed-like jumper and isn’t she cute?  I scoured the internet for a jumper as cute and the only one I’ve found that I’ve like so far is sized for little girls and way over my budget.  sigh… the hunt continues!


9 Responses to “a love for tweed”

  1. Holly said:

    Time to learn to sew! This is so (sew) easy. I wish I could teach you!

  2. abby said:

    I love the jumper, and I agree with some basic sewing skills you could make one!

  3. Monika said:

    Ups…I wawas going to write that it is a tweed day cause I just posted about my new tweed skirt and was wondering what to do/sew next, and that I like those dress in your blog so I think it could be a good inspiration for me this lovely dress/tunic,and then something went wrong and there is only a “.” in comments ohh… :)

    I like your style and choices of pictures/clothes here… very insiring.

  4. alyson said:

    sigh… I’ve been wanting a sewing machine so badly these days!! and to learn how to knit.

  5. Claudia said:

    I almost choked on my 3am snack (yes, if I go to the bathroom at night I can’t go to sleep unless I eat a big snack…not nice) when I saw my picture on your blog!

    If I had access to a serger (the community center is closed for Christmas), I would be happy to make one for you.

    I got my dress at Gap 3 years ago (when jumpers were in every store)!