a vintage sleigh

vintage sleigh

how rad is that??  wouldn’t it be perfect for Christmas decor?


9 Responses to “a vintage sleigh”

  1. Cassie said:

    Yes! It is perfect. I bet they are hard to come by or go for a good dollar!

  2. Katy said:

    That would be a perfect coffee table! I stayed in a lodge in France that had one and the idea has never left me.

  3. natalie said:

    Aw, I had a sled like that when I was little. I wonder if it’s still at my parents. Hmmm…

  4. Gloria said:

    love this! wish i owned a quaint little ski cabin to bring this home to :)

  5. Colleen said:

    Oh, I love vintage stuff like this. If only I could get my hands on one.

  6. Sarah said:

    My boyfriend wants vintage snowshoes for Christmas. I’ve looked into getting some for him, but they’re expensive! Either way, I love these vintage wintery items.

  7. Meighan said:

    My parents have one of these sleds that I’ve been pining for, for years! Just love it!