all the little animals


I’ve mentioned before that I love animal ornaments.  our tree is always decorated with all different types of animals that I began collecting when I was a kid.  we’ve got a flamingo, tiger, pig, whale and more.  {you can see a few of them on our tree last year}

it’s become a tradition to add a few more ornaments to our growing collection each year.  this year, to go along with my “rustic christmas” theme, I thought I’d add one of these little guys from Terrain, made with natural materials like leaves, seeds, tree bark and pine cone chips.  I especially love that plump little owl.


23 Responses to “all the little animals”

  1. Dani Kreeft said:

    i was JUST going to say the owl! the owl is the best. i have a good mate who is hosting a huge owl-obsession so she will love these!

  2. Katy said:

    Love them all and perfectly compliment my tree colour!. Off to see if Terrain ship internationally.

  3. the boot said:

    they are so precious! i love conversation-piece ornaments :)

  4. Sally said:

    I saw these yesterday and really had to resist!

    So cute!!

  5. terri planty said:

    i own the squirrel (not shown above) and they also make cats, i have two of those too. they look just like my kitties. i love how natural they look while still having a cute factor.

  6. abby said:

    that owl is so cute, i’m seriously considering it as an addition to our tree. i like the fox too:-)

  7. Barbara Beach said:

    OH yes, I just saw these yesterday while shopping at the local christmas store in Charleston! I love that they look soft and fuzzy! My favorite was the little dog:)

  8. Kate said:

    I second the owl… and, unexpectedly, the raccoon. This reminds me of when my sister and I were little. We used to play with the animal ornaments as if the branches of the tree were some fantastic, three-dimensional habitat

  9. Dawn said:

    Those are too cute–they’re at Michael’s craft store for much cheaper! That way you can buy them all. <3

  10. tada! shop said:

    i loved these when i saw them in a store. i have three daughters and every year i get them each an ornament (put their initials on the bottom and the year) so someday when they have their own tree, they will each have a collection. these were this years.