angela’s christmas

angela's christmas

this weekend, we got our Christmas tree.  I always have high expectations of decorating for Christmas, but then when it’s all up, it almost feels a little lack luster.  don’t get me wrong, I love our little 3ft Austrian Pine with it’s super spiky leaves, it’s just not “perfect”.  not yet at least.

I’m so inspired by Angela’s post about her tree.  I love that she’s using red rick rack.  such a cute idea!!  and that cookie – yum!


7 Responses to “angela’s christmas”

  1. electric spiel said:

    Your tree looks gorgeous bare, I’m sure it will be even more lovely once decorated.

  2. angela hardison said:

    thanks alyson! i’m sure your tree will be lovely.

    i’ve decided that simple holiday decorating is the best.

  3. the boot said:

    i love when the tree is lopsided or has too many lights on one side or some branches sticking out. that’s what makes it look like your own tree and not one of those pre-fabricated store bought ones. :)

  4. Hila said:

    that cookie is so cute! I’m planning on making blue Hanukkah cookies in the shape of the star of david :)

  5. Sally said:

    Looks like my tree, very spikey!

    I love mine now, I can’t stop looking at it, be sure to blog yours when its done!

  6. Anna said:

    love the ric rac idea…I’m using pom pom trim in a variety of colors. I couldn’t resist!