black garnet

black garnet

garnet is my birthstone and I never much cared for the typical crimson colored stone associated with the gem.  I think I’d been a lot happier with all those garnet jewelry gifts growing up if they’d been black like this beauty.


8 Responses to “black garnet”

  1. laura said:

    that setting is so lovely. and stones that are set backward (is this one?) are just so darn cool.

  2. darcy said:

    i agree. having my garnets mistaken for rubies as a little girl always sort of frustrated me. i’d love something now with a little black garnet.

  3. Leah said:

    I’m garnet too! High-fives for January birthdays!

  4. erica said:

    garnet is my birthstone, too, and i never really loved it until i saw a victorian ring at an antiques shop in maine. i agree, the darker and blacker the better with this stone! gorgeous.

  5. jess said:

    i totally saw this when searching for black diamonds and rose gold today! almost ordered it. how funny.