cactus & quail giveaway!

cactus and quail ornaments

today’s giveaway is from Cactus & Quail – a brand new endeavor from Jaime of Desert Fete.  Cactus & Quail offers both custom & ready-made designs, as well as limited edition, handmade paper products and ephemera.  be sure to check out the site – it’s a dream.

the giveaway is for your choice of one of these three beautiful folky Christmas ornaments.  each one is laser cut from renewable bamboo plywood, then printed with a hand drawn illustration on each individual ornament.  aren’t they beautiful!?  I’m loving the little bird.  simply leave your comment here by this Friday, December 10th at 8pm PST, letting us know which of the three ornaments you’d choose if you win!  good luck and thanks so much Jamie!


115 Responses to “cactus & quail giveaway!”

  1. Kyli said:

    These make me so happy, especially the bird.

  2. Kendall said:

    I love the bell! soo beautiful!

  3. abby neal said:

    how lovely! we just set up our little tree and these would look perfect on it.

  4. Mandie said:

    Love the bell!! So pretty!

  5. coasterkim said:

    These are oh so cute! I think I’d choose the tree. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Ashley said:

    I love the little bird :)

  7. Candace said:

    Love love love Jaime’s style. The bird is my favorite!

  8. Meghan said:

    I love these so much. The bird would be my choice.

  9. Mikaela said:

    These are wonderful! I think the tree is perfect!

  10. Rosemariee said:

    i like the little tree!

  11. Brooke said:

    The tree is my favorite. How beautiful!

  12. anja louise said:

    these are lovely! i think my favorite is the tree shaped one. :)

  13. dani said:

    the tree is beautiful- :)

  14. michelle said:

    The sweet little birdy! He could sing all year long!

  15. Brooke said:

    i am partial to the bird :)

  16. Kristy said:

    I <3 the tree. I think it's because of the tiny little trunk. :)

  17. Amanda said:

    I like them all! But I might just buy the bell as a Christmas gift.

  18. Debbie @ Bridalhood said:

    Oh my, I’m so excited you are offering this giveaway. I just posted these fabulous ornaments on my Ultimate Gift Guide blog post the other day. I would go with the bird ornament

  19. mary said:

    so stinking cute! i love the tree so much.

  20. Andie Roeder said:

    This are so sweet :) I adore the Christmas tree. It would look perfect on my tree… or on a wreath!

  21. Lauren said:

    The cut outs are beautiful – I think I love the tree the best! :)

  22. Sonja said:

    I love the bird!

  23. nicole b. said:

    I would love to add the birdie to our tree. Thank you for the chance to win! xo.

  24. Lis said:

    Oh, the bird, most definitely. I’d hang it all year long!

  25. Kristy said:

    I’d go with the bell.

  26. Lynn said:

    I love these…especially the tree!

  27. Megan said:

    I love the little bird…I have the perfect spot on my tree for it.

  28. Gloria said:

    oooh i’d love to get my hands on that little tree!

  29. Gill said:

    So gorgeous! especially the bird!!

  30. suzanne said:

    I would keep the bird hanging in my house all year round!

  31. Brittney S. said:

    Oh the tree, it speaks to me!

  32. Rebeccaf said:

    Definitely the tree. I love it. Simple. Beautiful. Thank you.

  33. Amanda said:

    Love the folk design of these ornaments! If I had to choose but one, it would be the tree.

  34. k said:

    I would love the little bird! Too cute!

  35. Kat said:

    I love the tree ornament! It would hang perfectly in my window :]

  36. Anna said:

    I love them all!! So beautiful! If I HAD to choose, it would be the tree.

  37. bec said:

    oh, the bell! i think it’s just lovely!

  38. Heather said:

    I love the bell! Beautiful!

  39. abby said:

    These are awesome, and so is all of her work!
    I adore them all, I’d pick the middle one.
    Yay! Thanks, gals.

  40. caroline said:

    oh my! i love the entire aesthetic of cactus & quail! well done, Jamie! and these ornaments are great!

  41. Caitlin said:

    the bird is beautiful :) thank you!

  42. Lucy said:

    I love the tree!

  43. Audrey said:

    Oh, that triangle tree is the best. I love these.

  44. sam said:

    super cute! <3 <3 <3

  45. jen said:

    i love them all! but i think i would pick the bird:)

  46. Emily Elizabeth said:

    so pretty! i’d pick the bell to go with our other bell-related ornaments!

  47. Callie said:

    Im always looking for sweet and simple tree ornaments and these ‘fit the bill’ perfectly! I love the bird!

  48. Susannah said:

    simply perfect these ornaments are – so rustic and chic!

  49. Amanda I said:

    These are fabulous! I’d choose the tree.

  50. Jamie said:

    i’m jamie too!

    the tree is too cute.

  51. Lauren said:

    Oh, the tree! So adorable!

  52. jaimie said:

    I love the bird.

  53. Chica said:

    I love the tree ! would surely pick that !

  54. Alesia said:

    clearly the crescent

  55. Heather said:

    I’d pick the bell and gift it to my boyfriend. It’s our Christmas tradition!

  56. Rose Tomek said:

    Love the bell!!

  57. LauraP said:

    I love the bell! I think it would fit right in with my Scandinavian themed tree.

  58. kerry said:

    I love the bird; I like the contrast between abstract and folksy.

  59. kate hart said:

    oh my goodness. jaime’s style is amazing. the bell is my favorite!!

  60. Abigail said:

    these are perfection – it’s so hard to choose a favorite! but i think the bird would be lovely to have, as others have said, all year round!

  61. megan said:

    they’re all so beautiful! i think i would choose the bird.

  62. Sally said:

    I would definately choose the bell, and hang it on a very balnk wall above my sofa for all to see!

    (and maybe buy the other two to join it!)

  63. Mego! said:

    I love the tree ornament! its so German looking….

  64. Lynn said:

    I love the bird. So simple and unique and would be beautiful on any tree.

  65. Moea said:

    They are all so precious but I’m quite impressed by the bird : )

  66. Meagan said:

    These are so pretty, I love them all! If I had to pick a favorite I honestly have to say the tree!

  67. fiona said:

    I would choose the tree because this year is the first year I’ve ever had a real christmas tree! Now to start making/collecting ornaments…

  68. Ilmarie said:

    I would choose the bird, because it brightens up your interior style throughout the whole year!

  69. nicky said:

    yup, the bird is the best.

  70. kathleen said:

    the bird is adorable…a little birdie in my tree would be lovely.

  71. hanna said:

    so cute! love the tree.

  72. Caroline C said:

    Oh, I’m so excited!I love the shop. I’d pick the tree design if I were lucky enough to win. Thanks so much.

  73. kms said:

    so hard to decide! i love them all!! if i had to pick…the bell.

  74. Amy said:

    These remind me of Scandinavian decorations. Sweet and simple and lovely.

  75. Natalie said:

    These are nice to hang year round. Birdie please.

  76. Olga said:

    I like the tree. It reminds me of our New Year’s Tree when I was a little kid living in the Soviet Union. It has an Eastern European inspired vibe.

    So cute!

  77. kaitlin said:

    the bird, most definitely. but, i would hang it year round!


  78. Royall said:

    The bird is so beautiful!

  79. Nina said:

    The bird is my favorite!

  80. Kate Sahler said:

    Oh gosh…the bird IS lovely! Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. Jennifer G. said:

    I would love the bell! They look so pretty!