inspiring me…

christmas tree

I can’t seem to stop bookmarking images of pretty Christmas trees.

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13 Responses to “inspiring me…”

  1. Julie-Inspired said:

    I’m so into my tree right now, I just love the warmth and coziness that it brings to my living room. I posted some pictures of it if you’d like to be inspired my them too:)
    Hope you and baby are feeling great!!
    Julie xo

  2. Andrea said:

    Who said the bigger the better?! These are adorable.

  3. Casey@HelloLove said:

    So pretty! Christmas trees make everything feel so cozy. I’ll be sad to take ours down. :)

  4. Kate from LittleBrightSpot said:

    Me too! I really love the close-ups of the trees. It’s lovely when somebody has a really unified theme or palette for the holidays, but my favorites are the decorations that come together slowly, year by year. Here you can see that each ornament has so much character and little handmade details and that’s what makes decorating like this so special.

  5. jennifer said:

    i’m having the same problem! i’m into this holiday season like crazy!