aside from wanting a sewing machine, I’m also itching to knit.  I tried my hand at knitting ages ago I think I lost interest due to frustration.  however, I think my nesting instinct is overcoming me because I’m determined to try again.  thankfully, Debbie has offered to help!

{image via every eskimo, from postscript love}

9 Responses to “knits”

  1. Melanie said:

    Oooh I’m on the same page. I just got inspired to learn how to knit, and am unfortunately limited to youtube and internet tutorials. When you start, if you have any good tips for casting on, let me know! I’m doomed.

  2. Kate said:

    Hang in there. I learned to knit a little over a year ago, and it’s frustrating at the beginning when your first scarf looks like a four-year-old made it. But this year, I knit all my Christmas gifts! Yesterday, I made my first ear-flap hat, and it does not look like a rookie hat. You too can learn :)

  3. erin said:

    i need to re-learn how to knit too. . . if anything, just for a pair of socks like these!

  4. Suzi Johnson said:

    Obviously I’m a fan of knits… if you get tired, don’t worry, souchi will be happy to keep you stocked till you master the knit/purl.

  5. debbie said:

    once you get the basics down, I promise you’ll be addicted. I’ll show you anytime!

  6. Laura said:

    Look so incredibly cosy & comfy… I’m almost tempted to start knitting. Almost..