paxton gate

paxton gate

Paxton Gate, San Fran’s shop of bizarre nature inspired oddities, just opened a second shop right here in Portland.  I went to check it out yesterday and – of course – fell in love with practically everything.  we brought home one shadowbox framed butterfly, but I had to seriously talk myself out of lots more {like those knitted frog and rat dissections and an amazing specimen of an 8-10 inch long stick bug}.  I think I’m going to need a bigger / second shelf.  I wish I’d had my camera, but Cori took some great photos of her visit – you can see on her blog.

if you’re in Portland, Paxton Gate is having their official opening party this Wednesday, Dec. 15, from 8pm to 10pm with live music, beer, wine and h’ordeuvres.  stop by and buy some cool stuff while you’re at it!

12 Responses to “paxton gate”

  1. Julie-Inspired said:

    Looks like such an interesting shop! I love the frog…some people spark a crazy creativeness in me when I see their work.

    Julie xo

  2. EMILY said:

    Adore this shop…gorgeous and so is your blog…love your background, looks familiar. :-)
    Adding your blog as a daily read….XX Emily from EL Vintage

    PS- Come enter in my giveaway….xxx

  3. laura said:

    i love paxton gate! wish they would open one up near me. :)

  4. cevd said:

    i don’t think i could keep my hands off the frog and rat. oh my, WONDERFUL.

  5. freefloatingsoul said:

    paxton gate is definitely one of the cooler places in SF. that’s so awesome that they’ve expanded to portland! jealous!

  6. Fenny said:

    Ay yi yi. Watch out! I was just at their SF store and fell in love with so many things, but when I started asking questions about where their specimens came from I got worried. The manager assured me that some of the specimens came from farms and every part of the animal was repurposed. Animals raised specifically to be repurposed other than themselves gives me a bad feeling. I asked him a few more questions and only felt less good about the store. It was heart breaking to walk away empty handed but I just couldn’t support a store that sells so many things that used to be alive without knowing where they came from. But if you are ever back in SF, right next door you can find all the pirate supplies you might need for your next pirating adventure. Plus you will be supporting kids learning how to express themselves and be creative through writing.

  7. julia said:

    i was in the sf store in october and TOTALLY thought of you- i really wanted to take tons of photos, but sadly they prohibit it. do they allow photos in the pdx store? or just for you lovely ladies :)

  8. alyson said:

    I have no idea if they allow photos or not? I didn’t try to take any.

  9. jon said:

    another store to add to my must see portland list!