do you Pinterest?  I’m just getting the hang of it.  it’s so fun!

follow my pins here if you’d like.


14 Responses to “pinterest”

  1. Anna of {Green Gable} said:

    I love it. I find a great way to catalog photos; it remembers the website where I pin it from, so I never have a folder full of great photos, but no sources.

    xo, Anna

  2. beth c said:

    I love it too!! sooo great

  3. alex said:

    Oh, no, I did that – but they put me on a waitlist. I think you have to be invited by a human.

  4. bryanna said:

    this is awesome because i usually pin things from your website anyways haha

  5. Naomi said:

    Oh your pins are lovely, Alyson. i just started myself and it’s quite addictive!

  6. Caroline said:

    I’ve been “pinning” for awhile and I still love it.

  7. the boot said:

    oh yes i’ve heard of this pin business…i’m always late in the game for new technology.

  8. Anna said:

    I always admire the things people find on pinterest, but I’m still a rookie.

  9. seesaw designs said:

    we just started to get into it – fun! (but yet another thing to balance our time with…)


  10. Tiffany said:

    I just discovered it and LOVE it…ok I can’t seem to pull myself away in fact. Following you! Oh and love your blog ;o) -Tiff

  11. Bailey said:

    I think I’m addicted… It’s becoming a problem.
    pinterest id: Bailey B