right this second…


I’m looking forward to:
sleeping in tomorrow.  it’s been a long week!
Summer’s Mad Men inspired party tomorrow night.

I’m totally loving:
Kenzie’s wreath.
this bronze linen dress.
my new ring with a deep dark patina.

I’m working on:
Unruly Little Things – our baby/family blog.  I hope to debut it next week!
a shop update for Sunday or Monday with pyrite necklaces, quartz drops and amethyst slices.  detail to come!

thank you… as always… for reading my little blog.  it means so much to me to hear your sweet comments!!  I’ve also noticed quite a few new readers, welcome new friends!  happy weekend to all.

{photo from pseudoserious}

9 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. kenzie said:

    that dress is pretty amazing! you’re too sweet and I can’t wait to see your shop update!

  2. myra :: twigs & honey said:

    Thank YOU for your amazing blog and all the inspiration! I have an email coming your way soon with some exciting updates! I just saw your lovely letterpress goods at The Arbor in Salem about 10 minutes ago. They adore your work!

  3. casey said:

    that wreath is beautiful, and can’t wait to see unruly little things!

  4. bigBANG studio said:

    happy weekend to YOU and what a sweet message! as a newish reader (thanks to jamie) i’m having a ball trawling through old posts and savoring the marvelosity. also seriously bummed i missed out on the cactus & quail giveaway. next time, gadget, next time.
    xo from india!

  5. Sarah said:

    I can’t wait to see Unruly Little Things! I’m so excited for you guys! :)

  6. Colleen said:

    Oh, a Mad Men inspired party sounds so fun. Please post pics if you can.

  7. sarah said:

    this is a lovely image:) Can’t wait to check out the shop update!!