right this second…

us holiday

wishing you:
happy holidays from our growing family to yours.

I’m off tomorrow to Idaho to spend Christmas with dlb’s family.  I’m excited to be able to relax for a few days and extra excited to play in the snow!  I hope your holidays are the happiest they can ever be.  see you next week!

{illustration from our Christmas cards this year!}

15 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Stefany said:

    This illustration is so cute! Have fun and happy holidays! =]

  2. Leigha said:

    Happy holidays to you, too! Travel safe…and congratulations on your new, growing bump.


  3. casey said:

    I love it! you have inspired me to draw my little family for next years cards! –yes, i think REALLY far ahead!

  4. Anna said:

    how very cute. I love me a hand crafted card. Happy Holidays!

  5. Molly Gilbert said:

    So Stinkin’ Cute! Love the baby bump!

  6. Courtney said:

    oh my… that is ridiculously cute! happy holidays, you two!

  7. Kendall said:

    I love your christmas card! adorable!

  8. Shara said:

    Lovely illustration! I hope you enjoy a wonderful vacation :)

  9. Sarah said:

    Merry Christmas Alyson, DLB and Baby Boy Brown! Wishing you safe travels and a joyous, blessed holiday.

  10. Josephine said:

    I love the illustration christmas card. Would like to know where can I make this lovely illustration card? thanks

  11. evie s. said:

    So cute! Your style reminds me alot of Anna Bond!