satin and shimmer

backyard wedding

the images from this modern backyard wedding are simply stunning.  I’m in LOVE with the bride’s dress and engagement ring!

{from once wed, photography by Ashley Garmon}

15 Responses to “satin and shimmer”

  1. jillian said:

    gorgeous!! o love all the detail on the engagement ring, the cuts are so pretty. xoxo jcd

  2. kate said:

    Good lord that ring is perfection. It looks familiar but I can’t place where I’ve seen it.

  3. Sarahbeth said:

    what a lovely wedding. that dress is perfection and perfect on her figure. such refined elegance!

  4. brianne said:

    i wish i knew where that ring came from, its so pretty!

  5. makayla said:

    that ring is stunning. is there any way to find out the designer?

  6. Caroline C said:

    I just saw this over on one wed just before. I’m so in love with the Lanvin dress and ring. Stunning.

  7. Emily Elizabeth said:

    agreed! also, the bridesmaids (or just fancily dressed guests) have some gorgeous dresses.

  8. Kate said:

    everything about this wedding looks pretty ideal to me, of course beginning with the rings and dress. the tree seal invitation and her hairstyle are especially inspiring as well. thanks

  9. cevd said:

    this is one of the best weddings i’ve seen in a while. i fell instantly in love. those rings, and her shoes, and her friends with the backless dresses.

  10. Danielle said:

    I love these rings — and those shoes!! You definitely post the best rings.

  11. jennyphebe said:

    oh. my. word. Please oh pretty please post the designer of those gorgeous rings!!!