snoozer loser giveaway!

snoozer looser

hi friends!  today I’ve got an exciting giveaway for you from Snoozer Loser!  up for grabs is one of their amazing hand-printed scarves in the color of your choice!!  simply visit their shop and let us know which of their twelve colors you’d pick if you were the winner and leave your comment here by this Friday, 8:00 PM, PST. be sure to check out all the other beautiful things offered by Snoozer Loser.

good luck and thanks Snoozer Loser!!

290 Responses to “snoozer loser giveaway!”

  1. Jessica Zigenis said:

    Oh my gravy! Woolen Grey all the way! I LOVE this brand and have for quite some time. Amazing give away!

  2. katie said:

    These are AAA-mazing! I would totally go for the silver/deep plum seafan print!

  3. elle d said:

    gold/navy scissors! or blue/black birdcage! these are stunning, thanx for the opportunity!! ♥

  4. Hilary said:

    So beautiful and bright in the dark and gloomy! I’m with you, the yellow is just perfect.

  5. veronica said:

    love love love that turquoise one. i’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  6. Caitlin said:

    Love the Native Owl in powder blue!

  7. Kendall said:

    o my goodness! beautiful scarves! I love the antique scissor in woolen gray!!! <3 <3

  8. Lauren said:

    I LOVE the Antique Scissor Scarf in Woolen Gray. It looks so cozy!

  9. Stephanie said:

    lovely!! I’m torn between the Aqua Kachina ring scarf and the Deep Plum Owl scarf.. such beautiful, rich colors

  10. Carly D. said:

    I equally LOVE the Kachina Ring scarf in green AND the Seafan Heart Scarf in deep plum– must be the holidays!

  11. Brittney S. said:

    Silver and deep plum is divine!

  12. Mandie said:

    Storm grey!! So beautiful!

  13. kate said:

    The gold and navy scissor combination is amazing!

  14. Juliette said:

    What uniquely beautiful scarves! I love the gold/navy Antique Scissor Scarf – such a great color combo.

  15. Samantha said:

    Oh wow, the storm gray one is truly stunning, and I can totally picture it with all my winter clothes.

  16. Janet said:

    Deep plum and silver, definitely!

  17. Jo said:

    OOh, I love all of these scarves! If I had to pick, I think my favorite would have to be the seafan heart scarf in silver and deep plum!

  18. Stephanie said:

    lovely! either the turqoise ring or the plum owl designs.. what beautiful colors!

  19. Kelly said:

    Love the gold/navy scissor scarf!

  20. Netty said:

    The silver and deep plum Seafan scarf would be a winner with my brown hair. Thanks!

  21. Jeanne said:

    Thanks for the chance! Every time I look, I’m drawn to a different one; they’re all so beautiful. Right now I’m eyeing the Kachina Ring Scarf in turquoise.

  22. BreAnn said:

    So hard to choose! I think I’d go with the native owl print in silver/deep plum.

  23. Megan said:

    LOVE the blue bird cage scarf! So pretty!

  24. elle s'ennuie said:

    These are gorgeous! I’m so tempted by the grey and white, but all my winterwear tends to be grey already, so I need a dash of colour – hence powder blue wins, it’s beautiful :)

  25. Sarah said:

    I absolutely need the blue/black antique bird cage one! It’s perfect!

  26. Mollie said:

    All are so lovely, but I think it would have to be the Kachina Ring Scarf. swoon.

  27. jana said:

    very hard to choose only one, but navy/mustard it would probably be!

  28. Dawn Warfield said:

    I love love love the antique scissor print in gold / navy. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pile them on at once!

  29. Lety said:

    goodness! thank you for the opportunity. I would choose the storm gray Antique Scissor Scarf. …waiting patiently to have my named called. :D cheese.

  30. Kasey said:

    I love love love the Seafan Heart Scarf (Navy/Mustard)

  31. Megan said:

    Oh la la. I think I’d pick the Woolen Grey. :)

  32. Brooke said:

    Antique Scissor Scarf in Stormy Gray-I love the gray and yellow combo!

  33. laura said:

    now that’s a cute idea!!

    i like: Seafan Heart Scarf (Navy/Mustard)

  34. seira said:

    I love the bird cage, it reminds me of a bird cage that my friend bought for me from the Pottery Barn. I have no use of it, but it reminded her of the Friends episode where Rachel buys the apothecary table. There was probably a bird cage in their apartment by the end of the episode!

  35. Merissa said:

    I love love love the silver/deep plum scarf! A nice bright pop for the cold grey winter.

  36. Emily said:

    I think the Antique Scissor Scarf in woolen grey is divine!! A lovely giveaway!

  37. jillian said:

    wow! what a cool shop :) i love the prints…especially the turquoise & yellow scarf
    xoxo jcd

  38. Caitlin said:

    I love the storm grey!

  39. Ashley said:

    Gold and navy, for sure!

  40. va said:

    i like the black trio kachina scaarf

    tumblemumbo at gmail.com

  41. Alissa said:

    Storm Gray! These are so beautiful it’s hard to decide.

  42. Hailey Vial said:

    Seafan heart scarf, gorgeous.

  43. Mandy said:

    Seafan Heart Scarf in mustard yellow! Adorable. :)

  44. sara said:

    Navy and Mustard! Or Woolen Gray! It’s too hard to choose!

  45. sarah said:

    i love the storm grey but also the gold and navy!!!!

  46. Danielle said:

    So pretty!! I’d love the Antique Bird Cage Scarf (Black/Electric Blue)

  47. lindsay s said:

    beautiful. gold/navy would be my pick!

  48. Rosemariee said:

    Rose and Black is my fave!

  49. Jess said:

    I would love the Kachina Ring Scarf! That teal and yellow combo makes me smile.

  50. Emily said:

    Ooo I adore the antique scissor scarf in the woolen grey!!

  51. Katrina said:

    These are so pretty! I enjoy wearing scarves like these because I get cold, and these are a good excuse to keep wearing a scarf inside because they’re dressy!

    I really like the blue one with the birdcages, but they’re all really pretty!

  52. jenny said:

    i love the native bats scarf in bubblegum pink! Not usually a color i would choose but I need to branch out…

  53. Danielle said:

    Seafan in mustard! So pretty.

  54. Mandy said:

    the silver/plum colorway would be my pick. But it was close with the electric blue.

  55. ewelina said:

    lovely! especially the navy one!

  56. Brittany said:

    What beautiful scarves! The antique scissor scarf is amazing!

  57. megan p. said:

    the storm gray scissor scarf is my fave. lovely and unique!

  58. Mandy said:

    Beautiful scarves! I would love to wear the blue antique bird cage at our wedding next May when the night gets a little chilly!

  59. Davanie said:

    I’d love the navy and mustard since I don’t think I own anything yellow – I think it’s about time I did.

  60. Lindsay McKissick said:

    These are all so enchanting; it’s hard to choose! (With my sister’s help,) I would have to go with the gray scissor scarf.

  61. bargain bex said:

    ooo! i would most definitely choose the antique scissor scarf in woolen gray and gift it to my sister dear who has been my hairdresser all 30 years i’ve been in the world …


  62. Amanda said:

    I would definitely choose the Seafan scarf. Pretty!

  63. Mary Kate said:

    The turquoise Kachina Ring would be my top pick. Definitely a good Christmas gift.

  64. Ramona said:

    wow… I love them all, but if I had to pick… definitely the powder blue Native Owl…. It’s cold around these parts, I NEED one to keep me warm.

  65. Sara said:

    I was just thinking I needed a new scarf – mustard and navy would be loverly.

  66. Stefany said:

    I love the Kachina Ring Scarf! But all of their colors are beautiful. =]

  67. abby said:

    Easy! The navy/gold scissor scarf: classic with a bit of an edge, thanks to all the antique scissors.

  68. Tricia said:

    Love bubble gum pink!! Great scarves!!!

  69. Jenni said:

    I love the silver & deep plum seafan scarf!

    It was definitely a close race!

  70. Laura said:

    I love all of them! Especially the Antique Scissor scarves… if I had to choose ONE though, I’d have to say the woolen gray. It matches everything!

  71. tastymoog said:

    great giveaway!

    I like storm grey w/ scissors. I can wear it while sewing, of course! All my coats are bright colors, so a grey scarf would be the perfect balance.

  72. michelle said:

    The Native Owl Scarf in Powder Blue would be the perfect winter accessory (and be a subtle nod to my Nordic ancestry!)

  73. Felicity said:

    I’d pick the seafan heart scarf in mustard/navy. It was hard to choose!

  74. Heather said:

    I love the native owl scarf in silver/deep plum. So beautiful!

  75. Kristy said:

    I’d love the powder blue native owl scarf!

  76. Kristin said:

    I love the Native Owl Scarf in Silver/deep plum!

  77. Kirsten said:

    seafan in mustard, please be mine :)

  78. Jennifer said:

    The Seafan Heart Scarf in Navy/Mustard. Gorgeous!

  79. Kate said:

    i am completely in love with the Native Owl Scarf (Powder Blue)!!!!

  80. Sam E. said:

    Beautiful! The deep plum is my favorite, but they’re all beautiful.

  81. Camille said:

    So hard to pick, I love them all! I’m gonna go with the Native Owl Scarf (Powder Blue) though. Love owls, love blue, love love love!

  82. Holly said:

    I love the blue bird cages. Would love any of them around my neck!

  83. Sydney said:

    I love all of these but I think my favorite is the navy and gold with the scissors.

  84. sara said:

    blue please, they are fantastic

  85. alison said:

    mustard with the seafan coral, oh my goodness!

  86. Katie said:

    Hands down—Native Owl Scarf (Powder Blue). Gorgeous.

  87. indreams said:

    storm grey! because it has a lovely depth to it… :) (and that scissor-print is just fantastic!)

  88. Julia said:

    Oh what loveliness! Ahh I debated between almost all of them, but I think I would go for the woolen gray antique scissor scarf.

  89. jess said:

    oh, the woolen grey. a beautiful shade and very wear-with-anything!

  90. Jessica said:

    Definitely the mustard yellow! I’m in love with that color right now…. and you can rock it through the winter into spring.

  91. dc said:

    oh that electric blue!! its just perfect!

  92. erika said:

    so hard to choose, but i think i’d pick the plum seafan heart scarf. i absolutely love them all!

  93. Ellen said:

    I love the black/electirc blue one … LOOOOVE it :)

  94. Katherine said:

    definitely storm gray!!!

  95. alexandria said:

    So beautiful! I love the native owl scarf in deep plum and silver.

  96. Alyson said:

    I’m a sucker for that electric blue scarf!

  97. Jackie said:

    It’s too hard to choose!!! I love the Kachina Ring Scarf!

  98. Cordelia said:

    hmm..definitely the Antique Scissor (Gold/Navy). Very chic!

  99. Madeline said:

    Seafan Heart Scarf…silver and deep plum! Luscious!

  100. Pam Keener said:

    I’d pick Native Bats/Bubblegum Pink.
    Love & Hugs,

  101. Erin said:

    oo I love the teal/yellow one! SO beautiful!

  102. eliza said:

    ooooh, the powder blue for sure. but it was a tough choice – so many beautiful colours!

  103. Zoë said:

    definitely the seafan scarf (navy/mustard)!

  104. Shauna said:

    They are all so lovely! My favorite has to be the scissors print in gold/navy.

  105. Kate said:

    storm grey keys please!

  106. Ali Cavazos said:

    So hard to pick! I choose Navy & mustard (with coral print) as my fave.

  107. JD said:

    Its a toss up between the Native Owl scarf (sliver/deep plum) and the Kachina ring scarf. Both are cute!

  108. Kate said:

    oh these are gorgeous! i love the antique navy!

  109. Bobbi said:

    The storm grey with scissors is to die for! Wish I could have ‘em all!

  110. Kimmy said:

    I love the electric blue and black birdcage scarf, so pretty!!!

  111. Dana Ong said:

    i love these scarves…esp kachina, native owl, birdcage, and seafan!

  112. Ali said:

    Lovely. I particularly like the seafan scarf in navy/mustard.

    I’ll be checking out the rest of their site, too.

  113. Mallory said:

    Seafan Heart Scarf (Silver/Deep Plum)

    This is the best giveaway I’ve seen in months! So good.

  114. Jessica said:

    I LOVE the bird cage, electric blue one! I think it’s one color that can transition to all seasons!

  115. kerry said:

    That is not easy … they’re gorgeous scarves. But, I’m having a hard time getting over the (Native Owl Scarf in) Silver/Deep Plum.

  116. Laura said:

    it’s a tie – powder blue and silver!

  117. Chelsea PG said:

    Oohhh!!! I’ve been eyeing their work for a few months now.

    Definitely the gray/yellow scissor scarf.
    Right up my alley.

    Such a good giveaway!

  118. Sierra said:

    Ooh, they are all so purty! I think the gold and navy scissor scarf is my favorite, however… No, wait, the storm gray one… No… Gah. Too hard to choose!

  119. Anna said:

    Love the beautiful seafan images in silver on the deep plum. Wouldn’t it look so gorgeous with a little black dress and boots?

  120. Susannah said:

    Love love love the navy/mustard combination! Gorgeous, just gorgeous…

  121. Jess said:

    storm grey, definitely! so gorgeous!
    i love snoozer loser!

  122. la said:

    Storm grey scissors for me please!

  123. Belle said:

    These are gorgeous, I love the gold/navy colour combination.

  124. Micaela said:

    I love the seafan silver and plum!

  125. Kate said:

    I love the gold/navy scarf with the antique scissors! How great would it look with a crisp white ensemble?

  126. tiffany o. said:

    oh my gosh they’re all so beautiful!
    but i would pick the seafan heart scarf (silver/deep plum) if i HAD to choose!

  127. Sarah said:

    Oh man, it’s really hard to choose, but I love birdcages so I’d have to go with the black/electric blue!

  128. abbie said:

    my favourite is the antique scissors in storm gray, but i think i fell in love with all of them! they’re too beautiful!

  129. Danielle said:

    Gold/navy definitely. Love Snoozer Loser – thanks!

  130. lindsey k said:

    I love the gold scissors on navy

  131. Marissa said:

    The gold/navy scissor scarf…fitting for me as my father is a barber!
    Thanks for the opportunity to sport one.

  132. tristen said:

    Def the navy and mustard. I love that coral print!

  133. Cassie said:

    What cool scarves! I am loving the color and print on the royal blue birdcage scarf!

  134. lorna said:

    Navy/Mustard! so cute!

  135. erika said:

    Seafan in Navy and gold!!

  136. Loren Vitello said:

    Loving the silver and deep plum!

  137. Emily said:

    I absolutely adore the birdcage scarf in black/electric blue! i love snoozer loser!!

  138. Kate said:

    I’ve been eying these bad boys for months! I love the powder blue, mostly because I’m always partial to owls :)

  139. Jennifer G. said:

    Such beautiful scarves! I would absolutely adore the Seafan Heart in silver and deep plum!

    *crosses fingers*

  140. katie said:

    black/electric blue is very cute! thanks :)

  141. kellyk said:

    kachina ring scarf (turquoise)! love it!

  142. emily said:

    ooh i love the seafan heart scarf in navy & yellow. sweet giveaway!

  143. Jodi said:

    I’m into the gold/navy (and these scarves in general!)

  144. Alesia said:

    White scarf with gray keys. Classic & clean.

  145. Paula said:

    Definitely the deep plum with the native owl. Love it.

  146. Sara R. said:

    Love the Seafan Heart Scarf in Silver/Deep Plum. Adorable!

  147. Melissa H. said:

    Oh how lovely! Seafan Heart Scarf (Navy/Mustard) would be a great little Christmas gift for my sister! <3

  148. Alaine said:

    trio kachina scarf (Silver/Black) so cute!!

  149. Desiree said:

    I love the gold and black! Would keep me warm when I take my final exams! :)

  150. ashley said:

    especially love the Kachina Ring Scarf and the deep plum and silver. they’re all fab!

  151. nicky said:

    powder blue all the way. awesome shop.

  152. Alexis said:

    Ooooh. I think my favorite is gold/navy scissor! Thank you.

  153. Ilmarie said:

    Oh my gosh, the Antique Bird Cage Scarf in black/electric blue is just gorgeous!
    What’s your favorite?

  154. Rachel said:

    Ooo…lovely, lovely, lovely! The Grey Scissors scarf is so calling my name!

    Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!

  155. Katy said:

    Ooh ooh. I loves me a scarf! Things crossed.

  156. nikki said:

    Mustard, please! Or maybe silver/black…

  157. Sally said:

    Oooooo I adore the antique sissor in woolen grey! Soo pretty!

  158. Siobhán said:

    Its GOT to be the Navy & Gold/Mustard for me – fingers and toes crossed! Need a beautiful scarf to snuggle into in the snowy weather here….

  159. Heather said:

    I would have to go with the electric blue scarf, in part because I love the antique bird cages!

  160. Whitney said:

    silver & deep plum!

  161. Krissy said:

    I would LOVE to own the antique scissor in storm grey!

  162. Sarah said:

    ohhh… j’adore the Antique Birdcage (Electric Blue/Black) & the Native Owl (deep plum & silver)equally! such cute scarves!!!

  163. Sophia said:

    Antique scissor scarf in navy/gold please!
    – Sophia.

  164. Jami said:

    Turquoise Kachina Ring Scarf, beautiful!

  165. Sarah said:

    Seafan Heart in the plum silver would be a great gift for my amazing sis :) :)


  166. Alison M said:

    Torn between the Seafan Heart Scarf (silver/deep plum) and the Antique Bird Cage Scarf (Black/Electric Blue) They’re beautiful!!! Decisions…Decisions…

  167. kelly said:

    So cute! love the stone gray.

  168. Amy said:

    Definitely the Native Owl in Powder Blue. One of my favorite color combinations!

  169. Lexie said:

    I would love that light bubblegum pink one! Thank you for hosting this!

  170. Christina said:

    I love the Antique Bird Cage Scarf (Black/Electric Blue)!

  171. Amanda said:

    Seafan scarf in Navy/Mustard. Perfect marine themed accessory for a marine biologist.

  172. Mary Frances said:

    I love the teal, Kachina Ring Scarf – such a pretty color on dreary days!!

  173. Heather said:

    The Antique Scissor Scarf in Storm Grey please!!

  174. Felicia said:

    Antique Scissors in Storm Grey!! These scarves are BEAUTIFUL!!

  175. Denise said:

    Powder blue and Mustard!!! =D

  176. Trishia said:

    So pretty! What a nice pop of color for gray days. The Native Owl scarf in Silver/Deep Plum would look great with my kiwi green coat. Thank you for the chance to win! :)

  177. Sweet Ronit said:

    What a fun giveaway! I love love love the birdcage print in electric blue – so pretty. Thank you for the opportunity!

  178. Katey said:

    Antique Scissors in Storm Gray, I love the dark color with the pop of yellow. Gorgeous!

  179. Hannah said:

    I love the gold and navy scissor scarf. I’d choose that one!

  180. Lucia said:

    That antique scissor scarf in storm gray is pretty wonderful. I grew up with a pair of scissors like those!

  181. Somer said:

    Even though fall is coming to an end I am still obsessed with the harvest colors so I love that Seafan Heart Scarf in Navy/Mustard

  182. Emily said:

    These scarfs are beautimous! I love the Seafan Heart Scarf in Navy/Mustard :)

  183. Melissa said:

    So beautiful! I love the Kachina Ring Scarf

  184. Megan Wilson said:

    I’m in LOVE with the bright blue!!! Thanks!

  185. Tiffany said:

    I love the birdcage scarf in blue!

  186. Jennifer said:

    Lovely scarf to brighten a gray day in Porltand, the gold Native American Owl on the powered blue background!

  187. Kim said:

    Came across your blog at random – but the black/electric blue scarf is beautiful! The birdcage pattern is really clever.

  188. ema said:

    i’m loving the antique scissor scarf in navy and gold. totally awesome.

  189. Kerri said:

    beautiful! in love with the deep plum sea fan scarf.

  190. Rachel said:

    the navy/mustard one would definitely bring a much needed pop to my wardrobe! great collection. :)

  191. Julia said:

    Antique Bird Cage Scarf, Black/Electric Blue, for the win! :)

  192. Amelia Blakeman said:

    Woolen gray all the way!

  193. Drewablank said:

    The gold/navy is beautiful! :)

  194. Andrea said:

    I think the storm gray has won me over!

  195. hannah campbell said:

    These are gorgeous! I especially love the Storm Grey scissor scarf–so fun!

  196. Jennifer said:

    These scarves are a darling accessory! The silver/deep plum one would make a fabulous addition to my scarf-scarce wardrobe. Either that one or the Katchina Ring. Both are beautiful!

  197. Lizzie said:

    Love them all! Really like the navy/gold scissors one the most though. Or maybe the seafan in mustard…

  198. Anna said:

    I love them all, but if I have to pick just one it have to be the gold/navy Scissor Scarf. It’s so lovely!!

  199. angela j. said:

    ooh! the antique scissor scarf in navy/gold is fantastical!

  200. Piia H. said:

    Love the bubblegum pink or navy/mustard,hard to choose!

  201. anne said:

    golly, the storm grey scissors are the best. thanks for the giveaway!

  202. Ally said:

    Love the Kachina print! The turquoise and yellow might be nice for dreary winter but the black and white might make it a go-to wear every day obsessively item.

  203. Emily Elizabeth said:

    they’re all so beautiful, but i’d love the silver/plum sea fan heart scarf! what a fun thing to see on a scarf, and i bet they’re really warm.

  204. Cami said:

    WOoooohoo i Love these scarves!!! I would do the gold/navy scissors! Please pick me!

  205. Melanie said:

    The navy/mustard seafan! Would go perfect with my seafan tattoo :) I’m obsessed, they’re all so lovely

  206. Kristen said:

    I’d have to go with the navy/gold scissors. I’m always a sucker for that color combination.

  207. Natalie said:

    i would choose the mustard-colored scarf! yellow is my favorite color

  208. sam said:

    love that bright blue!

  209. jenny said:

    close call between bubblegum native bats and black/electric blue antique bird cage, but i’m gonna go with (hmmm….hem…haw…)…. black/electric blue. gorgeous!! gimme gimme pretty pretty please.

  210. Jillian said:

    The silver/deep plum sea fan heart is gorgeous! yes, please!

  211. Meegan said:

    LOVE ughhh i love love love the antique scissors in grey.

  212. bryn said:

    i just adore the powder blue and the storm gray!

  213. Annie said:

    seafan in silver and plum- it’s fun to say and looks like it would be beautiful to wear!

  214. Jo said:

    I love the powder blue one! :)

  215. Monica said:

    Love the Seafan Heart Scarf in Silver/Deep Plum!!

  216. jaimie said:

    love the storm grey. any of the scarves with the antique scissors would be great.

  217. candice said:

    oh so hard to decide… woolen gray scissors!

  218. jana styblova said:

    Seafan Heart Scarf (Navy/Mustard) – is gorgeous!

  219. Sarah said:

    It’s so hard to pick! I’ve been wearing a lot of storm gray lately and deep plum would match most of my wardrobe but bubblegum pink would give me a nice pick-me-up in this grey winter Chicago weather!

  220. Eija said:

    Ooh! The Antique Bird Cage in Electric Blue!

  221. Nikki said:

    Um, how about all….? I have to say the combo of colors on the Native Owl powder blue is pretty stunning.

  222. Ellen said:

    They are all gorgeous!
    It is really hard to chose, but I guess I would take the Antique Scissor one in Storm Gravy.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  223. Jennifer said:

    So hard to choose! But if I must – Antique Scissors on Storm Grey. So pretty!

  224. Amy said:

    I am crazy about the blue Antique Birdcage one! So awesome!

  225. Joanna said:

    Native Owl in POWDER BLUE! gorgeous! (I love all of them)

  226. Kathy said:

    I love the mustard and navy ! What a wonderful little shop.

  227. beth c said:

    Oh, I wish I could say any and all!

    but… I’m really drawn to the seafan heart in mustard!

  228. Laurie said:

    Bit of a tough choice; however, I’ve narrowed it down to
    Antique Scissor Scarf (Storm Gray). Fingers crossed! Thanks.

  229. karen said:

    All are beautiful, but I’d choose Storm Gray.

  230. megan h said:

    the beautiful antique scissors scarf (gold/navy) Please!

  231. kara said:

    i love the antique scissor scarf in woolen gray

  232. nani said:

    the storm gray with scissors looks so cozy and fun

  233. Vanessa said:

    Ah, the Woolen Gray scarf is to die for! Count me in.

  234. Annabelle said:

    Storm gray all the way!

  235. Bec said:

    Oh lovely! The woolen grey scissors- just perfect!!

  236. two brunettes said:

    Its a toss up between the gold and navy and the silver and deep plum! All are gorgeous! What are great giveaway :o)

  237. lauryl said:

    I can’t decide between the dark plum or the mustard scarf—but the seafan coral is definitely my fave! thanks!

  238. Yasmin said:

    Black electric blue…antique bird cage scarf :) lovely!

  239. melissa said:

    i’d definitely choose the “storm gray” one with the antique scissors- so good!

  240. mab said:

    Love the antique scissor print in gold!

  241. mariel said:

    the silver and black trio scarf for sure.

  242. Karen said:

    Love, love, love the electric blue/black antique bird cage! Wow. What a fun idea.

  243. Tasha Rose said:

    Oh, the silver/deep plum Seafan makes my heart throb.

  244. Stefanie D said:

    That navy one with the gold scissors is so pretty! Such gorgeous scarves!

  245. april said:

    so hard to choose…. the storm gray scissor scarf!

  246. Kanchan said:

    they all are beautiful…my pick – Native Bats (Bubblegum Pink) that one is awesome…

    waiting for your announcement of your blog unruly-little-things :)

  247. Cheryl Vieira said:

    I’d have to go with the Hot pink and Black so Spicy!

  248. MFreeland said:

    Love the navy and gold keys.. so cute!

  249. Elisabeth said:

    I love them all…but if pressed, I love the deep plum seafan print. No, the storm gray scissors. No, the plum seafan. Gosh I’m indecisive in the face of prettiness.

  250. Sydney said:

    Definitely the black/electric blue (I love blue). But they are all stunning.

  251. Crystal said:

    The antiue scissor scarf in woolen gray is my fave, but they’re all pretty incredible.

  252. Laura said:

    Black/Electric Blue Antique Birdcages….awesome! These are all so great!

  253. Megan said:

    Antique scissor scarf in storm grey. So whimsically gorgeous!

  254. Stephanie said:

    I just recently discovered your blog and I’m in love. So sweet and lovely. The eletric blue scarf with the bird cages is awesome!

  255. Jen said:

    I would love the Antique bird cage in electric blue. Gorgeous color! Perfect with my black winter coat.