snowy scenes from Idaho

idaho1 idaho2

dlb and I got home from our white Christmas in Idaho yesterday and I wish I never had to leave!  I always feel like it’s truly winter in the snow.  we went snowshoeing, played “stick” with the resident polar bear dog, made snow ammo, ate lots of yummy food & sweets, opened presents on Christmas morning and had a wonderful time together as a family.  I hope your Christmas was all you’d wished for!

{the bottom photo is on our drive through Idaho on the way to dlb’s parent’s house in McCall.  it was 6 degrees outside when I took that photo and all the trees were beautifully frozen!}

20 Responses to “snowy scenes from Idaho”

  1. Rachel said:

    Gorgeous pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. *gemmifer* said:

    That snowy pine bough is lovely, but I must agree that the last photo is my favorite… gorgeous!

  3. Kathryn said:

    i love the first photo! I envy you having snow on Christmas :)

  4. Sarah said:

    Just beautiful! I had my first ever white Christmas here in Charlotte! It hadn’t snowed on Christmas day since the 1940s!! It definitely was magical and made it feel all the more special!

  5. Brittany said:

    Oh, I am SO jealous at seeing this much snow! I was just putting together a blog post for later this week about how much I miss snowshoeing and so to see this many pictures of lovely snow…sigh… :o)

  6. robin said:

    Oh snowy Idaho! I am headed there this week to get my winter fix. I also married an Idaho boy – they grow ‘em good there!

  7. Kristine said:

    Wow, that looks so beautiful. In stark contrast, we’ve just enjoyed a day at the beach.

  8. @laurenlankford said:

    it’s funny how i love photos of snow, but despise it in real life.

    merry christmas. :)

  9. kim said:

    we got a surprise white christmas here in va! definitely adds to the feeling of winter.

  10. Meagan said:

    So beautiful! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  11. sarah said:

    absolutely stunning landscapes here! this would get anyone in a holiday mood!

  12. Kristina said:

    Love your set of pictures of the Idaho winter. Lovely!
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  13. Johanna said:

    Beautiful pictures! I hope your holiday was fantastic. Happy New Year too! :)

  14. Amanda Jane said:

    we had an Idaho Christmas too! Glad you had fun…the photos are beautiful.

  15. Mariel said:

    yow, that is just gorgeous. looks like an ideal Christmas!