it’s raining…

one of those days

it’s been one of those days.  it’s rainy, it’s dreary.  I just want to curl up in a warm blanket and cozy socks, sip on some jasmine green tea and snuggle with my man and two furry cats on the couch.

be back tomorrow, friends!

{photo by stephanie congdon barnes}


8 Responses to “it’s raining…”

  1. Molly Bird said:

    No kidding! I just looked at the forecast and it is UG-LY… dreaming of summers nights, PSU farmers market and hikes up the gorge!

  2. Julie-Inspired said:

    Snowy here…alot. I’ve had that cozy, sip on tea and cuddle feeling for days. I do enjoy the feeling of rainy/snowy days sometimes. Perfect for not feeling like you have to do anything! Hope it clears tomorrow for you:)

  3. Cassie said:

    I feel ya. If only my kiddos would let me put my nose in a book…but I guess it can wait till bedtime. :) Enjoy!

  4. Tiffany said:

    That all sounds quite lovely–i do enjoy the rainy excuse for nothing but cuddling; unfortunately here in Vancouver, it would mean prolonged unemployment and the site of rain is simply wearing thin…
    however, i find warm bowls of porridge before heading out in it (or slowly simmered soups and stews coming in from it) are pleasant ways of making the best of it.