constellations of the northern hemisphere


my friend Amy not only watched our cats while we were in Idaho over the holidays, but she also whipped up this amazing constellation chart and left it for us as a gift that we found upon our return.  I’m planning of hanging it in the nursery.  you can purchase your own here!

Amy runs a pretty awesome photography business and just launched a new line of jewelry!  on top of that, she manages time to make things like this.  she amazes me with her creativity.


23 Responses to “constellations of the northern hemisphere”

  1. erin said:

    well this is about the loveliest thing i’ve seen all day. happy weekend!

  2. Lauren said:

    Oh it’s lovely! You are so lucky to have such a creative friend ♥

  3. Amy Nieto said:

    How funny you should post this today, what with all the hoopla surrounding the “re-alignment” of the Zodiac sign!! Baby Brown might just become an astronomer. Or explorer of Space!

  4. Brigette said:

    At first, I thought this was a small purse– it would be a cool one! It’s gorgeous!

  5. nole said:

    Wow… that’s incredible!! How beautiful!

  6. Brittany said:

    Wow, you’re so lucky to have a friend like her who takes care of your house and makes you a beautiful gift to come home to!

  7. Brittany said:

    OH! You’re the friend whose house Amy was watching! She loved your kitties so much! I’m going to have to bug her to make me one of these then. ;o) She’s one of my good friends, too!

  8. SLR said:

    How beautiful and special. What a nice friend. Amy if you are reading this you should start selling these…I want one too! :)

  9. Katie said:

    Does Amy sell these or have a guide somewhere how to make them? I love it!!

  10. Amanda said:

    How beautiful! Is this a cross-stitch?! What a wonderful gift!

  11. Fran said:

    Wow – this is so beautiful! What a talented lady…