cozy cardigans

jcrew cardigans

seems that with my ever expanding belly, I’ve developed a new found love for cardigans.  I love these two especially.  they look so cozy!


11 Responses to “cozy cardigans”

  1. nanne said:

    cardigans are great! they are timeless, work for all ages and go everywhere with everthing. i love to wear them with jeans, an old t-shirt and a long pendant necklace.


  2. Amanda said:

    Cardigans are a major staple for me and even more so when I was pregnant. Even if I’m feeling like I’m having an off fashion day (which happens more than I’d like), a cardigan can instantly makes me feel better.

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  3. jillian said:

    love these two cardigans. they do look super comfy! xoxo jcd

  4. brianne said:

    Ooh, both of these are right up my alley. I travel a lot, and drapy cardigan like this are awesome for chilly airplanes without looking like a total bum.

  5. Julie said:

    I love these! They look so comfy:)

    Cheers! Julie

  6. size too small said:

    i love a cozy cardigan- they’re also especially wonderful b/c you can pretty much wear them any time of year.

  7. Lexie said:

    I especially love shawl-collar cardigans! So cozy.

  8. ali said:

    I don’t have a growing belly (at least not because of a baby), and I still consider cardigans a near-daily staple. Cute picks.