denim love

denim love

I love this dress.  doesn’t it give denim a whole new look and feel?

9 Responses to “denim love”

  1. Hannah said:

    Denim is the best. This dress would be perfect for summer and the pockets make it even better.

  2. bklynstitch said:

    I’ve been eyeing this dress for months now. I totally want to get it!

  3. Vanessa said:

    I just wore my denim Acne dress today. Now I want this one, too. Wish it came in more sizes!

  4. jillian m. {coffee, light and sweet} said:

    yes, i love this! the cinched waist completes it. i like this as a summer look, but i think it could work in the winter, too. maybe with a turtleneck underneath or a short and fitted sweater over it.

  5. sya said:

    it’s really cute. i’d love to get one

  6. Megan said:

    It is definitely a new look for denim. I absolutely love it. :)

  7. Katie said:

    Oh my goodness this makes me want to splurge!