my new ring


right before the holidays, I received this gorgeous hexagon diamond ring from Satomi Kawakita.  I’ve mentioned previously my love for her work, but I was literally speechless when I opened up the ring box to see this sparkly little ring shining up at me.  the diamond is the most beautiful brown colored stone that varies from pale chocolate to almost pink depending on the lighting I’m in and I’m just head over heels for that hexagon setting.

if you have the opportunity to work with Satomi, I highly, highly recommend her.  I just can’t say enough about how wonderful she is.  her jewelry is so unique and timeless and she is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, if only virtually!  she’s away from her shop right now getting married in Japan {congrats Satomi!} but be sure to check out her site and prepare to drool over the gorgeousness in the meantime.

23 Responses to “my new ring”

  1. Elizabeth said:

    Lucky you! I’ve been eyeing that ring- it’s so unusual!

  2. Kelly said:

    That is gorgeous! The white gold/diamond version is my engagement ring, and I love it. She was amazing to work with, such a lovely lady

  3. kate said:

    whoa! so jealous! I’ve already dropped hints to a certain someone about this very ring…shhhh.

  4. franny.glass said:

    i’m totally dying of jealousy right now. despite a life-long loathing of (almost) all jewelry, i love love love her stuff. esp this ring!

    of course, since YOU get to wear it it keeps my jealousy slightly at bay :)

  5. Belinda said:

    That is a beautiful ring. I love Satomi’s work. I have a few of her rings shortlisted for my wedding ring.

  6. Rebecca said:

    Such a pretty setting. Love the chocolate diamond!

  7. Jen said:

    So Beautiful. It looks perfect on you!

  8. amy w said:

    Lucky lady! My fiance and I looked at this very ring for my engagement, but decided we couldn’t afford the duty tax on importing it (and what if it got lost!) So my fiance had a ring made specially that is inspired by one of Satomi’s rings. Congratulations, it’s beautiful :)

  9. wendy said:

    I got her moonstone ring as an engagement ring, i love it and love her!! she is such a sweet person, so easy to work with!