oh my…


can I tell you how badly I want these??

{pinned by suann}


17 Responses to “oh my…”

  1. A Flourishing Perspective said:

    Ummm, yum! Those look delicious.

    I love this photo, it’s so adorable&well arranged. I love the colours and the cute little donut holes!


  2. missy said:

    Wow great shot, I would looove one of those too

  3. Briana said:

    Wow, those do look amazing! where does one acquire such pretty donuts?

  4. the boot said:

    here in italy it’s carnivale season and thre are these little donut holes for sale on the sidewalks….i should introduce them to american donuts and make these!

  5. rebecca said:

    what if dunkin donuts served up something so classy? haha.

  6. Jess said:

    so cute, and i’m sure tasty. will have to try these this weekend.

  7. Gloria said:

    love the sunny yellow sprinkles against the delicate pink frosting – scrumptious!

  8. bridget said:

    holy crap! why can’t donuts here look that good!

  9. tastymoog said:

    yummm. i have a donut pan that i rarely use, time to put it to use asap (superbowl donuts?)!!

  10. Meagan said:

    Yeah – I definitely want one of these right this second!

  11. sallymae said:

    Thanks for the great find. I just spent some time on the butterflyfoodie blog and I love it. She has some wonderful prints too:) Also, are you still “pinning” these days? I just started and it’s totally overwhelming!? I would love to see your pin boards.

  12. Erin said:

    Donuts never looked so good! Happy Monday to you my dear :)