oh summer…


mountains.  sunshine.  camp fires.  rivers.  waterfalls.  wildflowers.

on days like today, when we’re promised a wintery mix of slush and cold rain, I’m longing desperately for summer.

{photos from bonjour hello}


13 Responses to “oh summer…”

  1. Meagan said:

    It’s snowing so much here in Chicago – what I wouldn’t give to be immersed in summer right now!

  2. jillian said:

    ditto to that! its snowing in chicago…i am counting down the days to spring. xoxo jcd

  3. MEL said:

    I wish the wintery mix would come to FL–then maybe I’d appreciate our out-of-control hot summers!

  4. Moocy said:

    Right now we’re getting ready to be hit by another huge snowstorm, but these images are making me dream of warmer days. Thanks for posting them!

  5. Felicity said:

    oh, I want to live in those pictures. is it really still january? can’t we hurry things along?! I hate to wish away time, I’m just tired of cold weather.

  6. Stef said:

    I agree! We’ve been hit with a snowstorm today and all I want is for it to be warm. My favorite things are summer nights…either sitting outside at home or at a patio at a restaurant with a few good drinks and great friends.

  7. Eva said:

    These photos are lovely! I especially like the very first one. Makes me wish it would warm up right now!

  8. Sara said:

    These photos make me wish for the days at summer camp!

  9. fiona said:

    I am longing for these days right alongside you. I want more hours of sunlight!

  10. Michelle said:

    Thanks for sharing these, Alyson! I’m glad you liked them. The southern hemisphere summer is certainly treating me well… although in fairness I should mention that it rained for a good three days!