sometimes it bothers me when spring collections come out in January while most of the country is still under snow and in chilly temps.  I was quite happy to see this pre-spring collection at La Garconne today… filled with my favorite winter colors: black, grey and olive green.

{isn’t the model kind of spooky beautiful – kind of like Bella Swan turned vampire?}


4 Responses to “pre-spring”

  1. lawn party said:

    love how you compared the model to bella swan turned vampire. awesome!

  2. Jo said:

    love the clothes, but in the last pic the model is more like the girl in Ring…

  3. katie said:

    i’m with you: i can’t handle spring clothes so early into the winter but these, yes, they’re right up my alley too. i love the dotted dress.

  4. Bethany said:

    LOVE these OH SO MUCH!!