right this second…


I’m totally over:
Portland’s poor excuse for winter.  60 degrees in January?  it’s warm, yea… but I want snow!

ooo la la, I’m excited to enter:
the dace giveaway!  {$500 gift card to dace?  yes please!}

I’m looking forward to:
friendly chatter and veggie chili dogs tonight.
a fantastic new fashion collection that I’m dying to share with you next week.

I want:
these shoes.  {they’re on sale!!}
this dress.  {I think it could handle the baby bump, don’t you?}

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adorable crochet animals.
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my 22 week baby bump.

happy weekend, friends!!  I hope you can relax and enjoy every second of it.

{photo of carnations from the mayfly.  they are the January birth month flower but having a January birthday, I’ve never cared much for them.  however, this photo kinda makes me think twice about them.}


10 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Annie said:

    I would gladly trade you for New York wind and snow!

  2. Cassie said:

    Love the dress, and I think it can totally handle the baby bump!

    I live in Camas and am hating this weather. I say, if no snow, then let’s move to good running weather already!!

    P.S. do you know of any handmade shows coming up?

  3. bargain bex said:

    i’m a-thinkin’ that the shoes + the dress would be just dandy!


    p.s. thanks for the dace heads up, i already put my name in the running :)

  4. sylvi said:

    funny, carnations are about the only flower that i like, in a vase. white ones especially. but i don’t care for chrysanthemums all that much, the november flowers.

    there is snow in my blog if you want to see. we could spare some…

  5. Amy said:

    You should look up “green trick dianthus,” for a different spin on the carnation. It’s a funky, modern, completely different looking flower. Fluffy, fuzzy green flowers that almost look like moss, they are my new favorites (coming from someone else who never really loved carnations).

  6. Amanda said:

    What a great little post! I did something similar on my blog, courtesy of inspiration from you!

  7. Anna Emilia said:

    Sending you a bit of the Finnish snowy day. It is very gentle, only tiny flakes floating down. While you cannot tell where the land ends and the sky starts as both are the same color.

    Warm thoughts.

  8. Brit said:

    What a wonderful blog, thanks for sharing all this eye candy ! Greetings from Paris, Britta

  9. courtney said:

    that antropologie dress is really cute. i love stripes. i think it looks comfy and could definitely work with a baby bump.