right this second…


love this:
porcupine who thinks he’s a puppy! {thanks Johanna, I needed that too!}
cute love shoot.
waxed canvas lunch tote.

I’m excited to share that:
my friend Amy is now selling her embroidered constellation chart that I posted last week.  you can buy it here!!

after today’s rain:
I’m ready for the party sunny days we’re promised ahead.

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little plaid pants!
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my baby blanket progress.

and lastly, have an amazing weekend, friends!!!

{photo from uniform natural}


6 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Johanna said:

    I’ve been obsessed with porcupines every since. That little spin/hop he did toward the end was what did me in.

    The foxes on the trampoline is proof to me that animals lead lives similar to Beatrix Potter stories, full of adventure and mischief.