right this second…


I love:
this tank dress.
this cropped tee.
these sneakers.
these gold square studs.
and obviously dreaming about warmer weather.  le sigh.

I’m looking forward to:
sleeping in tomorrow.
working on some things for the nursery.

here’s a few posts you might enjoy from Unruly Little Things:
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bumps and paws.  {my 24 week belly photo!}

thanks for the birthday wishes friends!!  it was a great day.  dlb took me out to our favorite restaurant and baked me a yummy cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting.  yesterday I treated myself to a wonderful prenatal massage.  year 29 is off to a great start.  happy weekend!

{photo by mary}


4 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. A Flourishing Perspective said:

    hey there, darling:)

    thanks for the weekend link inspiration! i absolutely love the cropped shirt, anthropologie sneakers, and the posts you shared that of course i had missed! :)

    happy weekend♥


  2. Dani Kreeft said:

    that tank dress actually looks so comfy!
    and so good to hear your year is starting off amazing. cake + massage + favorite restaurant = awesome start.