sweetly nautical for spring

ann taylor spring

a cute nautical inspired collection from {surprise to me} Ann Taylor.  I admit, I haven’t taken a second glance in their direction since suit hunting post-college, but these outfits are pretty darn cute!


11 Responses to “sweetly nautical for spring”

  1. Lauren said:

    Love crisp blue and white, my favorite color combo. I think these would be great options for an upcoming trip I have to San Francisco!

  2. rebecca s. said:

    each outfit is lovely! (surprised its ann taylor, too!)

    that first sweater is too cute.

  3. Gloria said:

    I don’t usually shop at Ann Taylor either, but I may have to start – love the top two outfits!

  4. Janet Mazorie said:

    These are so great. I really like the cropped white pants with side zippers! I’m ready for Spring…bring it on!

  5. sharlyn said:

    this is lovely. i’ve been all about the nautical stripe!

  6. courtney said:

    the model looks cute, and i like the outfits, but i am not so sure i could rock white jeans. black jeans, yes. white jeans might not be too flattering :)

  7. alicia bock said:

    Ha! That post college suit hunting was me too. I think my one and only suit is from there! Got me my last and final “real job”. These outfits look so cute for spring. I may have to take another look.

  8. Carolyn said:

    Absolutely… i think my favourite has to be top left though.

  9. Dani Kreeft said:

    man! ann taylor. i’m equally as surprised. wouldn’t have thought.
    BUT i do love all the nautical. so lovely!

  10. Jess said:

    Ann Taylor makes a comeback. Didn’t see that one coming, but I like what I see:D

  11. Megan C said:

    The last time I was in Ann Taylor was suit hunting after college as well!