me birthday

the sun is shining.
I wore one of my favorite green dresses to work.
I enjoyed one hour and fifteen blissful minutes of prenatal yoga.
I shall eat cupcakes, cake, pie and whatever other sweet things are put in front of me.
I might even put on mascara.

because today…
begins the last year of my twenties. {and it’s going to be a big one!!}

happy 29th to me.  :)


58 Responses to “today:”

  1. Eva said:

    Happy birthday Alyson!! I’m so glad to hear it was a good one! : )

  2. Heather said:

    Happy Birthday! <3

  3. Felicity said:

    happy 29th! i’m also in the last year of my 20s but it’s going well and i might even be looking forward to 30… the years just seems to keep getting better!

  4. jen said:

    Happy Birthday!! Love that photo. The colors are great!

  5. Ariel said:

    Happy Birthday to you! Mine is tomorrow! Excited!

  6. Caroline C said:

    Have a happy, happy birthday! But in my book, it seems to be going great already.

  7. indreams said:

    happy birthday! i hope you get LOTS of cupcakes, too, cos yum. :)

  8. Flora said:

    Joyeux Anniversaire Alyson! Happiest evening, happiest year to you!

  9. Hannah said:

    Super Happy Birthday Alyson! I love your blog.

    It was my birthday today too!

    Today the sun was shining for me also, in the middle of a Norwegian winter! What are the chances!?
    I wore my favourite stripy top.
    I went for a walk to the sea with one of my favourite friends.
    I ate homemade chocolate cake and vanilla buns.
    I wore mascara, and blush!

    Now I am a grownup, Happy 21st to me :)

  10. {gemmifer} said:

    A very Happy Birthday to you, Alyson! Wear all the green and eat all the sweets you want–you deserve them!

  11. JIllian said:

    how fun!!! have a great birthday! and eat your cake too.
    xoxo jcd

  12. Jaclyn said:

    Happy birthday! I am closing in on 4 months left of my final year as a 20-something and I am happy to report that so far 29 has been great!

  13. erin said:

    happy to you! hoping you’re getting your share of sweet treats!

  14. Cassie said:

    Happy birthday!! And those cupcakes look darn good. :)

  15. casey said:

    happy birthday love! i hope it’s full of your favorite sweet treats!

  16. laura @ the shorehouse said:

    I haven’t been making the blog circles after a long hiatus but lovely to find you on your special day! Hope you had a wonderful day.

  17. Brittany said:

    yay! happy birthday! sounds like a great way to spend your day.

  18. Katie @ Grow. Cook. Sew. said:

    Happy Birthday! I turned 28 a few days ago and spent my day in almost the same way (although minus the work and add in a pre-school drop off!)
    Sounds like a perfect day x

  19. sarah said:

    Oh, how sweet! Happy birthday to you!! See you this time next year on the other side of 30 =)

  20. rebecca said:

    happy 29th to you !
    enjoy all the cupcakes, cakes and pie that come your way !

  21. Marie-Hélène said:

    Happy birthday! I hope your husband and your beautiful cats give you lots of love!

  22. sherisa said:

    ahhh january aquarius 82 baby! same here!! enjoy your 29th ;)

  23. Emily said:

    I felt the same way when I woke up this morning, put on my favorite fresh-peach colored shirt and greeted my 23rd sunrise. Today’s a lovely day for a birthday, I have to say.. I’m so glad I could share it with so may lovely people! happy 29th! Eat lots of berry pie (which is my favorite birthday dessert)

  24. erin said:

    happy 29th! sounds like you’re on your way to a lovely day!

  25. Coyote Kind said:

    Happy Happy Day! Have a lovely birthday. You deserve it for creating such a gorgeous blog. XO, Coyote Kind

  26. nicole b. said:

    Aww! Happy happy birthday! It’s awesome that you and your husband went in on a joint gift this year: A BABY! tee hee. xoxo.

  27. Dani Kreeft said:

    wow. BEST way to spend your bithday. HAPPY 29TH!!
    hope it’s incredible, and you go for all those sweets! xo.

  28. Kayla @ Exquisite Banana said:

    I hope your day was MAGIC! And yes, this is a very exciting year for you indeed…so here’s to wishes for an even more magical 365 days ahead.

  29. mosey said:

    Yay, happy happy birthday!
    Boy those pink cupcakes look crazy yummy. Side note – I have that exact same apron from Anthropologie :)

  30. Alina said:

    Happy Birthday! You and me both :)

  31. rebecca s. said:

    happy belated birthday!

    those cupcakes look marvelous, i hope you had more than one of those or something like it! :)

  32. Carol said:

    Happy belated!
    we have the same birthday! yeah for january 26!