crocheted sea specimen

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I love these crocheted/plush mollusk anatomy specimens by Jessica Polka.

I’ve been crocheting a baby blanket for our little man at what I would call a great beginner’s pace {updated photo soon!} but can’t wait to try one of Jessica’s crocheted sea specimen patterns.  she’s been a favorite of mine for a long while.  I especially love that Gentleman Prawn.

12 Responses to “crocheted sea specimen”

  1. Bridget said:

    Oh gol, I’ve dissected both of these! :) So lovely!

  2. Casey said:

    I just bought her packet of 8 patterns for the sea critters recently and have been whipping those up! I even managed to teach my sister, who had no previous crochet experience, how to make the jelly fish. Such cute designs!

    ♥ Casey | blog

  3. Anna Emilia said:

    Lovely to see these while I miss the sound of sea or even rain. We still have along time with the Lady Winter here in FInland.

    Afternoon break greetings to your crocheting hands.

  4. laura said:

    Wow, I would have never thought of that! Amazing!

    Laura in Ludwigsburg

  5. natalie. said:

    these are too cute – i’d want to frame them just so they never get ruined!

  6. Johanna said:

    These are so unique! I’m learning how to knit, but I’ve never tried to crochet. I heard it was easier?