butter london

butter london

I’m not sure when or where it first started but I’ve been seeing Butter London polish popping up in shops and on numerous blogs lately.  with all those gorgeous colors and the fact that it’s one of the “best natural polishes” out there, there’s no surprise why.

dlb has never been a fan of me wearing polish with all the chemicals and mile-long list of harmful ingredients.  so last June when I was making plans to get a pedicure for our wedding, he directed me to Butter London.  I quickly ordered two colors, Macbeth and Pink Ribbon, from the only online shop I could find carrying them at the time, Olivine.  they arrived shortly before our wedding {when I took these photos} then somehow I got too busy to post about them back then.  I wonder why? ;)

I love the polish, however as you may know, I’m not a big polish wearer at all so I don’t really have much to compare to.  regardless, I think it coats great, the colors are amazing and vibrant, it stays on for a good while and it’s “three-free”.  according to this article from The Daily Green, “There is no nail polish that is TOTALLY natural but the best thing to look for in nail polish is one that is “Three-Free,” meaning free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DHB) and formaldehyde — all known carcinogenic ingredients.”

so there’s my two cents!  and I’m quite enjoying adding pretty colors to my some of my outfits posts to see how I could incorporate more polish into my life.  and speaking of outfits… I’m dreaming of a babymoon.

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21 Responses to “butter london”

  1. erin said:

    yes! i haven’t tried butter, but i’m always looking for polish that’s not quite so toxic. glad to have your thoughts on this one.

  2. teresa said:

    I love Butter! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and the colours are fantastic.

    OPI and Orly are both three-free as well.

  3. teresa said:

    Oops my bad — OPI’s newer collections are three-free, but Orly still contains Toluene I believe. Should have fact checked!

  4. mosey said:

    I’m an only organic food kind of girl but natural nail polish never even crossed my mind. Thanks for this info!

  5. alyson said:

    thanks Marina! NOW you can… last summer it was no where to be found! :)

  6. jillian said:

    nice! i want to try this stuff out. love the shade you picked :)

  7. abby said:

    where did you find those cute sandals? I love them!

  8. Siri said:

    At the risk of sounding weird, my second toes are also longer than my first toes. I’ve seen Butter at alder and co. in Portland and have wanted to try it but had a hard time justifying the price…I guess it’s worth it if it’s “three-free”!

  9. alyson said:

    omg, Siri, not weird at all!! my husband makes fun of me because my second toe is longer than the first. {it’s actually quite like a finger it’s so long} apparently it’s called Morton’s toe and it’s a dominant trait. I keep joking with him that our little boy will have my feet and it kills him!!

  10. Amanda said:

    I haven’t tried Butter polish, but I love their green tea hand cream!

  11. Moocy said:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I love a bit of polish on my toes, but I’ve been trying to opt for natural beauty products lately. This seems like a good compromise. And such gorgeous colors!

  12. Lauren said:

    Alyson, do you have any recommendations for natural perfumes? That’s the one beauty product I haven’t found a natural alternative for yet.

  13. Julie said:

    I’ve only tried Butter at the Seattle airport. I really liked it, but didn’t buy anything.

  14. wsake said:

    there´s a shop offering butter in our little town – tomorrow i´ll stop by again, but i can´t decide which colour to chose, they are so great! it´s likely going to be pink ribbon…

  15. laura [prismera] said:

    i never really think about polish being toxic.. but those fumes, whew. i use nail polish all the time, might be time to start thinking about alternatives. i’m loving these colors for my wedding! thanks for the reminder :)

  16. Gloria said:

    i had no idea these were natural – good to know!

  17. lara / the glossarie. said:

    butter london is THE best! there used to actually be a butter london salon in the airport near me and i would save up my pre-vacation mani pedi then check in extra early for my flights so i could indulge.

  18. lindsay said:

    I’m pretty sure they sell Butter at Blush Beauty Bar on NW 23rd in Portland. They have a lavender/gray color that I love. I first learned about them when I saw their salon in the Seattle airport – best place ever for a layover.

  19. Jamie said:

    sally hansen nail polish is also “three-free”. i like the insta-dry polish they make, covered with a clear topcoat.