butterflies and wolves


I adore these two drawings by Julianna Swaney so so much.  they remind me SO much of myself these days.

I have her Bear Speak print and just love it.


8 Responses to “butterflies and wolves”

  1. Claudia said:

    Oh, the foxes with mittens print!

    I begged her to produce some prints when her original was still available (original = not in my budget). At first she wanted to wait until she sold the original but she was nice enough to have one printed for me!!! I really love it :)

  2. ali said:

    I thought that top piece was custom-made for you. That’s how YOU it is.

  3. ali said:

    Minus the bob and pinned-up look, of course.

  4. Sutton said:

    I think she designed a graphic I’ve had in my unsourced photo folder forever! I love her style. She reminds me a good bit of Nate Duval, another art print & gig poster designer.