french lockets



I adore these french enameled lockets, especially in soft dove grey.

{via design crush}


17 Responses to “french lockets”

  1. jillian said:

    lovely picks!! that beige color is to die for :) xoxo jcd

  2. the ravenna girls said:

    These are so lovely in their simplicity. I have to admit I’d go with one of the more saturated colors though.

  3. Jess said:

    i love lockets, i want the navy one.

  4. rebecca said:

    i have one in coral that i bought a few years ago, it’s IS indeed beautiful !

  5. Cozbi said:

    in love with the coral color!
    Cherry Red is my color of choice for spring and I just HAVE to have this locket!
    loving the long chain too

  6. Jackie | Sweet Little Thrills said:

    Lockets are my favorite! I have one that’s been passed down from my grandmother, and for bridesmaids’ gifts at our wedding, each one got a specialized locket that fit their personality. These ones are beautiful! I’d like to wear a few at one time in different colors.

  7. roberta jane said:

    i love enamel jewelry! could be cute to carry a picture of the baby while heading back to work ;)

  8. Ada said:

    the modern twist of enamel on a classic locket silhouette is so charming…great find

  9. erin said:

    these are beautiful! i love lockets and the polished enamel is perfect!

  10. fiona said:

    gorgeous. i’d choose the light bluey lilac one.

  11. evie said:

    oh i love these and have been looking for a nice locket with a long chain for some time – this could be the one. thanks for the heads up x

  12. Tami said:

    I have been looking for a great locket on a long chain forever and these are so simple and pretty. Thank you!