minerva divinus


jewelery from Odette is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  these pieces from Jennifer’s new collection Minerva Divinus are so beautiful.


10 Responses to “minerva divinus”

  1. Pam said:

    You always find the most beautiful jewelry; that necklace is so unique.

  2. rebecca said:

    i’m not big on BIG jewelry… but this i could get into. beautiful.

  3. Rebecca Haas said:

    So nice to sign on and see my friend Jennifer’s jewelry! What a nice surprise, and the new collection is so timeless and goddess-chic!

  4. Valerie said:

    I just ordered your poster, and I’m so excited to bookmark your blog. I found you via flickr.

    The last necklace has me in a spin, I just had to do a small lap around my apartment cause it is so insane I have to get it. I can’t find it for sale on the site. :( Any suggestions?

    I’m going to mail them.

    Thanks & nice to blogger meet you.