mossière in martha stewart living!


last week I mentioned that I was excited to share with you a special magazine spot for Mossière.  I’m thrilled that our Coconut Palm letterpress specimen print was featured in the Martha Stewart Living March 2011 issue, under great garden inspired finds!  it feels so special to be featured among many other great products.  look for us on page 32 of the issue and you can see more of our letterpress specimen prints in our shop.

thanks to the team at Martha Stewart!



25 Responses to “mossière in martha stewart living!”

  1. Kelly said:

    you’re so big time, alyson! congratulations!

  2. nicolle said:

    wow that is awesome!!! congrats you guys. you so deserve to be in there. i love love love my specimen prints!

  3. ali said:

    YES! They have good taste, obviously. :)

  4. the ravenna girls said:

    wow, congrats! agreed, i love the pacnw calendar and the specimen prints are just as pretty.

  5. Kendall M Monroe said:

    congratulations! that is awesome!

  6. jillian said:

    how exciting!!! the photos are just lovely. xoxo jcd

  7. julia said:

    way to go! and now i feel so ahead of the curve with my forget-me-not print- it’s hanging in my bedroom and i love seeing it everyday!

  8. Caroline C said:

    Congrats, Alyson! That’s quite the accomplishment! Certainly time to celebrate (I think a happy dance is in order =)

  9. harmonie park said:

    well deserved feature! how lovely for you.

  10. victoria said:

    congratulations! i just saw this issue while i was at target, the cover stood out. now i want to go back and get it!

  11. {gemmifer} said:

    I was thrilled to see the prints when I got my issue last week–congrats on the well-deserved mention!

  12. erin said:

    How amazing! Congrats on Martha, Alyson! It’s a beautiful print.

  13. Meagan said:

    Holy canoli – CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love seeing bloggers’ things in magazines, especially Martha!