pretty pyrite


thank you so much for your orders last week!  I’m so excited to share my pretty jewels with you.  I just added a few more pyrite necklaces to the shop.  this is my all time favorite necklace ever.  I seriously wear it almost every day.  I love how it sparkles.

we’ve about sold through our amethyst necklaces, but I added three more to the shop this morning.  stay tuned for new necklaces soon!



7 Responses to “pretty pyrite”

  1. Brodie said:

    pyrite is definitely a winner, i would wear it everyday too! i bet you get a lot of compliments on it!

  2. Moocy said:

    So beautiful! That pyrite necklace is definitely on my wishlist. Just the right amount of sparkle. :)

  3. Christina said:

    What a wonderful way to display the natural beauty of the pyrite and crystals!