right this second…


I could really use:
a macaroon.  or three.

loving these:
neapolitan s’mores.  yum!
saddle sneakers.
gold beaded rings.  an anniversary band perhaps?  ;)

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned here or not, but if you follow Unruly Little Things, my baby blog about my journey to being a mom, thank you so so much!  you are so kind and I’ve been blown away with the response.  here’s a few posts from this week if you’re interested:
adorable girly things from makie.
taking a dip.
wild animals.
the cutest baby leggings ever.
little marc.
and me… the last week of my second trimester.

man, I’m glad it’s Friday!  this mama-to-be will be resting all weekend and tending to a cold – boo to a sore throat and coughing!  I’ve got lots of exciting things to share with you next week including a little March magazine spot for Mossière!  I hope you have a nice weekend friends.  enjoy it!

{photo from astrid}


4 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. atie j said:

    Hi from Malaysia.

    Love your blog. + macaroons too. :)

  2. Borda said:

    I think I’m coming down with a cold too. Booooo! Did you magically send me a cold all the way from Portland? J/K I hope you’re feeling better by now.