right this second…


I’m excited about:
date night with my husband.
learning this song on the piano.  {I forgot to tell you, I finally got a piano last month!}
making homemade nutella.

I wish I was:
or here.
and especially here.

I posted some cute things on my baby blog, Unruly Little Things, this week.  check these out in case you missed them!
the cutest striped cloth diapers.
just another reason to hope for a little girl someday.
a knitted caterpillar and more cute things.
adorable animal clocks.
and my bump – officially in the third trimester.  yahoo!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend friends!!

{photo from jesse vuona}


9 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Angela said:

    palawan! i feel so proud, being filipino and all. yes, it is quite the gorgeous destination. have a fun date with the husband! :)

  2. Amy Nieto said:

    You have a piano!!!! Yay! Also, that cat looks like my Kitty Picard :)

  3. Eva / Sycamore Street Press said:

    Oh – guess I’ve been out of it! I didn’t realize you were pregnant. Congrats! I just had my first 3 months ago (which is why I’ve been out of it.) Off to check out more of your baby blog. :)

  4. Carissa said:

    your blog is so lovely <3
    I enjoy reading it :)
    congrats to you :D

  5. Emily Capretta said:

    Date nights with husband are what I live for…..nothing like it!!! I made nutella -butterfinger gelato this weekend!! Sooo good!