so simple…

pretty ring

yet so beautiful.


6 Responses to “so simple…”

  1. Meggy said:

    Ooo, very pretty. I love simple, thin rings stacked.

  2. Kathleen said:

    So beautiful! Went straight to the shop and favorited them :) love your blog and all your lovely posts

  3. Sally said:

    You find the nicest things… These are gorgeous!

  4. Ada said:

    Simply stunning. Really appreciate stackable rings and and their possibilities.

  5. kms said:

    ohhhhhhh, u’re so right…love the simplicity in these rings!!!

  6. Joanna said:

    Hi Alyson,
    Just wanted to pop in & say thanks for the love, and thanks for all the attention you bring to small indie designers & artists. It means a great deal to us!