amazing origami


while doing some research for an upcoming project, I stumbled upon these amazing origami pieces by Robert J. Lang.  truly works of art!

{from robert j. lang}


6 Responses to “amazing origami”

  1. Elissa said:

    check out ‘between the folds’ by green fuse films…it’s incredible!

  2. Gloria said:

    you should check out “between the folds”, a really crazy documentary on the art of paper folding. blows my mind!

  3. Pistachio said:

    So beautiful! I am glad to have found your blog. Love it.

  4. Pinar said:

    Did you see Sadako’s Cranes?
    It is a stop motion short with origami, tells the story of a Hiroshima Atomic Bomb survivor. Very moving.

    And i love this post, thank you for sharing. Will be checking out the artist’s site now. :)