giveaway :: parchment post


what better way to start off Wednesday than with a fun giveaway?  Parchment Post is a perfectly cute subscription based greeting card service.   it was founded out of love for paper goods and pen pals, sending handwritten notes and delivering mailbox joy.  cards are produced by a variety of small, passionate designers and curated by owner, Jamie Ambabo.  don’t you just love these cards from the spring collection?

today’s giveaway is for 1 full year subscription to Parchment Post! with a year’s subscription, you’ll receive 6 cards from independent designers every 3 months, seasonally inspired.  to enter the giveaway, leave your comment here by Friday 5pm PST telling us who you’d have fun sending cards to!  fun right?  plus, in addition to today’s giveaway, Jamie is also offering a special 10% discount for Unruly Things readers with the code unruly10.  discount expires April 10.  have a look at the Parchment Post site for more subscription details and good luck!

157 Responses to “giveaway :: parchment post”

  1. Rebecca said:

    This is an amazing giveaway! I write letters to my sis, mom and grandmother and would love sending these fun cards.

  2. Mandie said:

    I am from Texas, but had to move to Michigan for my husband’s job and miss my best friend Tabitha so very much! I would us these cards to send to her and my other Texas friends so that we can better keep in touch!

  3. victoria said:

    ooh, what a lovely giveaway!

    i have the most fun sending letters & cards from los angeles to my mom in northern california. we speak once or twice a week over the phone but i love to take her by surprise with random tidbits & goodies by post.

  4. jillian said:

    what a wonderful giveaway! i just started the whole wedding planning thing and these would be perrrfect to keep my close friends and family updated on events and thanking them for helping :)
    xoxo, jillian

  5. Ann said:

    My boyfriend and I are currently living 6 hours away. He writes me letters all the time so I’d love to send him a surprise every now and then!

  6. angie said:

    ooh i’d love to win this!

    i would send the cards to friends that i dont see anymore, and tell them to visit me sometimes. :)


  7. sarah r. said:

    so cute!!! i would have fun sending cards to old grad school friends. :)

  8. Dot said:

    Oh, what a perfectly lovely giveaway! I’d send these precious cards to my sisters, whom I miss every day.

  9. anna said:

    id have so much fun with these! i’d send them to my grandmother and sister…but mostly to my girlfriend who is joining the marines in june.

  10. Kymmi said:

    My best friend from college is someone I love sending cards to (and let’s not talk about how long ago that was). There’s nothing like seeing a card in your mailbox!

  11. Chelsea said:

    I’d love sending mail so, so much! I’d send them to my best friends from college & my boyfriend! Thanks so much! :)

  12. Natalie said:

    I am a huge fan of “snail mail.” My boyfriend and I live on different continents (with him in Europe and me in the US) and our main methods of communication are the letters and postcards we send to each other through the mail. I’d love to send him some of these!

    I’ve been a fan of Parchment Post’s products for awhile – super quality and adorable designs!

  13. Jessica said:

    What a great idea! My sister lives all the way across the country in Boston. We love sending each other cards…this would be perfect!

  14. Annie said:

    I moved to California and stay in touch with my old east coast friends by mail and these cards would make it even more special! I’d also send these cards to my grandma.

  15. Katie said:

    I would have SO much fun sending these to my 2 best friends who both live far away. It’s just the best to be able to send a little piece of love through some fun design with heartfelt thoughts, and I’d love to send some cheer their way!

  16. leslie said:

    to all my dear friends from around the world, of course! the written word is crucial for our friendship’s survival, we just love to send each other snail mail!

  17. MBC said:

    This is a great giveaway! I have a serious weakness for stationary. I am currently on the East Coast, however most of my family is on the West Coast and one of my resolutions this year is to be better about sending cards – both for special occasions and just to let them know I’m thinking about them.

  18. katy said:

    super giveaway! Beautiful cards. I would send them to all the wonderful ladies in my life that I don’t get to see very much–several old friends, my mom and sisters.

  19. Leah said:

    My best friend and I send each other mail for no reason all the time! I would love to send her some beautiful handmade cards!

  20. Jamie said:

    My best friend lives in Austin TX (I live in Ma). We are major pen pals :) She would love to get these sweet cards in her mail box!

  21. kelly said:

    How great! I would love to win!

  22. Heather said:

    I’d write to the special girls in my life, including my soon-to-be niece, for when she gets older!

  23. Jayne said:

    I love this! Such cute cards. I’d definitely send cards to my mom (how about once every 3 months – brilliant!), my friends from college on the East coast, and my blogger friends. =)

  24. Stephanie said:

    aw, fantastic giveaway! I’ve been trying to be more diligent about sending mail and this would greatly help — some of my best friends are flung far from NYC: Paris, Perth, Phoenix.. would love to send them some happy goodness in the mail

  25. Julie K said:

    My best friends from college! They’d love these cards :)

  26. Brooke said:

    I’d send mail to my lovely sisters who I miss SOOO much and am more than a day away from :(

  27. Katie said:

    Yay! I’ve been a weekly letter sender for about 15 years at this point. Me and three of my closest friends started the practice in college (when we were apart) and have continued since (even though 3 of us live in the same city now). I’ve even added an adult friend to my pen-pal list – she moved away a few months ago and we keep in touch the old fashioned way. One of my favorite (and most HILARIOUS) things to look at is a scrapbook I made from all of my freshman year snail mail. I love, love, love paper/cards. I would love this immensely.

  28. Courtney said:

    This is so cute. I have a friend in Cleveland I love to write letters to.

  29. Amanda I said:

    I would definitely send a few cards to my grandma. She loves hand-written letters. I’d probably write a few thank-you cards for wedding gifts, too!

  30. Alaine said:

    such a wonderful giveaway! I would send them to my sister who is currently living/going to school in Costa Rica! We have been keeping in contact through letters and post cards, and these are so cute I just know they would put a smile on her face :)

  31. Allison said:

    Love this! I live in Washington State and my best friend lives in Florida, it would be so fun to send her some of these!!

  32. Michelle said:

    Squealing with delight! These cards would be far-flung world travelers, traversing the globe, from Sweden (dear Sussi!) to Italy (Leo the Charmer), to Canada (Aunt Margie Lou!) and Thailand (for the Pamster!)

  33. keely said:

    I would send the cards to many friends and family! A couple to Gramma back in my hometown and the others to Europe, South East Asia, and Australia where my friends have disappeared to while traveling.

  34. Amanda said:

    I love sending cards!

  35. sam said:

    what a great giveaway! my 3 closest friends live in 3 different continents so i would love to send them beautiful cards like these. i love snail mail!

  36. Alix said:

    So fun! Good friends around the country would love to get that adorable snail mail!

  37. Kate said:

    Oh my! My first card from almost any box I buy goes to my grandma. She instilled in me the art of thank-you-note-writing, and I almost always have something for which to thank her. Then, I’d send cards to dear friends and family, just as sweet notes of encouragement. These are so pretty… I’d love to have some!

  38. Charisse said:

    I love to send snail mails to my relatives in Asia and my friends around the world. Its rare to receive letters in the mail nowadays and I know that would brighten their day. :)

  39. Mary Kare said:

    Such a great giveaway! I would love to send cards to my sister who has moved away. Everyone loves getting mail, especially such pretty mail.

  40. Daria said:

    to everyone! with lots of weddings on the horizon, i see these accompanying many gifts and of course lots of friends and family!

  41. Margaret said:

    to my dearest pen-pals (we love exchanging real letters even though email and calling is sometimes a lot faster!)

  42. wren said:

    Yay for snail mail! More of that post haste please. For the next 6 months I’ll be living on a tiny island and will pretty much need to communicate with *everyone* in my life by mail. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the kind generosity.

  43. Kimberley said:

    My family is spread out all over the place, my friends have all moved away to college, and even though my boyfriend only lives thirty minutes away, I’d loveto send these cards out to all of them! So cute

  44. caroline said:

    every month (I’m sure) has an opportunity for me to send a card to family and friends. and these are lovely.

  45. Caileigh said:

    aw, I would send these for my friend’s birthdays! It would be such a nice surprise to find one in your mailbox for your birthday since no one sends snail mail anymore c-:

  46. angela said:

    i just relocated to NYC and love writing letters home to friends and family! these would be perfection…

  47. Chelsea said:

    I am getting married this year and will have lots of “Thank You” and “Just Because” cards to send out! What a great giveaway!

  48. LW said:

    :D I love paper goods & I love writing, so this would be wonderful to win. I’d use some of the cards to tuck love notes around the house for my husband, and I’d send others to friends and family all over the place. I’m hoping to land a job in Florida soon (which is like two days of driving from where I am now), so it would be nice to have pretty cards to keep in touch with those who we leave behind.

  49. melissa said:

    I would love to send cards to all my friends who are studying abroad. I have so much respect for them for traveling to Prague and London, I would like to send them my via a cute card!

    Handwritten communication is truly the best :]

  50. Emily Elizabeth said:

    I would send letters to my mom, my sisters, my brothers-in-law, but most of all, to my grandmother Mimi, she’s the best correspondent around and loves getting mail. In fact, I should write her a letter tonight!

  51. domestic diva said:

    We love sending cards, especially to our grandparents. It delights them so much!

  52. Nicole said:

    I would love sending these cards to my family in Paris, as well as to all my friends getting married and having babies in the next year.

  53. Lisa said:

    I would send letters to my dear friend Laurie. She is my only friend who still writes letters. I would love to send her lovely letters from time to time!

  54. Sarah said:

    I would send letter to my best friend and god daughter in Arizona and to my grandmother in California. They’d love these cards!

  55. Ashley said:

    I just moved far away from friends and I’d definitely use these for simple notes and news to share with loved ones!

  56. Tia Trate said:

    Great Giveaway!!

    When I was in middle school my bestie moved away to Arizona, we’ve kept in touch ever since. She’s not big on emails, I suspect because she’s a chef and doesn’t really use the computer that much. So we’ve managed to stay in contact through postcards, hand written notes, and carefully thought out parcels. She’s a creative, artsy type who always sends visually striking cards. I’d love to send some amazing artistry back her way!

  57. Jill said:

    I’m moving across the country in the fall with my husband-to-be (by then he will be husband-who-is!) and I’ll be keeping the postal dragon busy sending notes to my friends staying here!

  58. holly said:

    Oh how lovely… I would write the sweetest little notes to my sister, my darling mama and all my friends that delight in receiving real (handmade) mail.

    I’ve already chosen the perfect pen for addressing these little guys! :)

  59. Anne said:

    Would love to send these to my college friends who are scattered across the globe.

  60. Kristina M said:

    I would send letters to all of my college girlfriends. A few of us were just recently discussing sending each other letters in the mail and these letters would be perfect!

  61. Anne said:

    I would send more letters to my mom and friends that live far away but that I normally email. I really like these cards!

  62. Katrina said:

    I’d have fun sending them to my mom and grandparents once I move away to grad school. I’m going to miss them!

  63. Ali said:

    What beautiful cards! I’d love to send them to my four best friends from high school, who are now more like sisters!

  64. Rosemariee said:

    i’d love to send them to my sister!

  65. Danielle said:

    I’d send cards to my childhood besties, as we are all separated by many many miles.

  66. Lindsay said:

    These are adorable! I’d send the cards to my sister, who lives across the country, and friends who don’t live near me anymore.

  67. Jen Jones said:

    Who wouldn’t I mail cards to is the real question!….definitely my Mom, grandma, brother and friends to start. What a lovely givewaway.

  68. Jaimie said:

    wow this is great! i love cards, stationary, and sending letters.

  69. silk said:

    What a nice giveaway! I would send most of the cards to my friend Emma, she lives in Belgium and I love to exchange mail with her. And I’d send the rest to my grandmother! :)

  70. Aly Fonseca said:

    These are great! I would send these to my old friends who live in other states.

  71. beth said:

    i love writing to my friend’s carissa and larissa :)

  72. Esther said:

    The cards are lovely!

    I’d sent them to my family back in Asia!

  73. abby said:

    What a fun giveaway! I was just shopping etsy for cards last night, and did not find what I was after. I would enjoy sending cards to family and old friends – and most often I send them as “thank yous” to my customers.

  74. christine said:

    how adorable! I love snail mail~ I should to send these to my friends :)

  75. Kristen S said:

    my gramma is my penpal! we write letters on plain old paper, but it would be fun to spice things up a little. :)fun giveaway!

  76. Khol said:

    What marvelous cards! I’d definitely be using them to send to my siblings and all my college friends who are now scattered across the country :)

  77. Julie said:

    My husband works out of town a lot. I love sending him little letters when he’s on the road.

  78. Julie L said:

    I would love to send these little treasures to my best friend Ms. Darice in Boston!!! I used to send her lovely little postcards of Frida Kahlo’s art work and have not found anything as pretty to send her in recent years! These cards would get me back in the swing of things of sending pretty things to a pretty person!

  79. Sarah {Daily Design Inspiration} said:

    Hmm, I have a friend who lived 5 hours away and we only see each other at Festivus (yes … we celebrate Festivus :). She has sent me a card on every birthday of my life and I want to start sending her a card a month (to make up for the lost years, right?). Plus she is having her first baby in 6 months and needs the little extra encouragement.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. Mary said:

    How great. I would send these cards to my sister, my dear girlfriends from college, and my landlord [I like to spice up the rent checks with a fun card… :)

  81. Emma Elizabeth said:

    I would send them to my friends around the world, sealing the envelopes with my old fashioned seal! Or perhaps my partner in France because nothing is quite as romantic as hand written notes!

  82. Amy said:

    I would write little notes to my friends and sisters, just because. It is always wonderful to find a hand written card in your letterbox and is something to keep forever.

  83. Kathryn said:

    I love these cards! I would write to my friends who live far away (from New Jersey to Australia) and even near! Everyone loves to get special, unexpected mail!

  84. Ellen said:

    I would love sending these cards to my friends over the world, and also my brother who’s living in Slovakia ;)

  85. beth c said:

    I’d split them between my best friend who is getting married, going to school and working 2 jobs right now… she always needs some smiles; and my 1 1/2 yr old nephew… just so he always has little reminders of how much his aunt loves him.

  86. Meghan said:

    This is perfect for me because I send mail like it is my job! Seriously I am keeping the USPS in business buying stamps from them. I would send these to the people I am already writing, my grandma who has cancer so I try to send her mall on a regular basis to cheer her up and let her know I’m thinking of her. My two oldest friends in CT, my sister in NC, and my high school friends in Boston and CA. And then anyone else that I think needs mail throughout the year!

  87. Esther Yeoh said:

    I love the color of all the cards. So simple and beautiful

  88. lai mai said:

    what a great idea for a subscription service! i would write them to my favourite authors and artists to tell them how rad they are :)

  89. Karol said:

    This is just great! I would love to send cards to people that are near and far from me because hand written word has a far greater impact on the reader then a typed message. I would love to have a pen-pal again as I did went I was in school.

  90. Laura said:

    The bunting card is adorable! I recently moved 1,000 miles from home for a job, so I would send cards to my friends and family back home to let them know I love and miss them :)

  91. Amanda said:

    what a great idea!!! I would loveeee this subscription.

  92. holly said:

    I love this giveaway! I would ship these off to friends and family to surprise them, although I’m sure a few would wind up on my cork board for inspiration :)

  93. Kate Sahler said:

    Oooo! Cards to my Ma and Pa, cards to my dude-friend, cards to friends near and far…
    Lovely giveaway! Thanks!

  94. Caitlin said:

    I’d love to win this! My friends and I all just graduated from college last May and moved all over the country…I would love to send them more letters than I already do!

  95. Rachel said:

    Oh my goodness; I love it. I would send these to my mom all the time as she is going through some health stuff these days. She would love them.

  96. Eden said:

    I love sending mail to my younger sister.

  97. iris ashley said:

    i’ve always wanted a pen pal (as i’ve met so many lovely ladies through blogging) and i would love to be able to send them lots of pretty cards in the mail!

  98. Alex said:

    -little sis in PA
    -grandpa in upstate NY
    -friends in Chiang Mai
    -bestie around the corner in Brooklyn, a Jane Austenite who appreciates the art of the handwritten note
    -myself. Why not? Notecards are the new flowers.

  99. Caroline C said:

    If I were to win, I’d send lots of love notes to my boyfriend. We’re 5 hours apart, making things work as best as we can. Little notes are always what cheer us up the most.
    Fabulous shop! Thanks =]

  100. indreams said:

    i’d send them to my equally-card-obsessed best friend in my hometown…i love her, and never get to see her since i’m always so busy and she’s chronically ill. in fact, i should probably go send her a card right now…she’d love how cute these ones are! :)

  101. Annie B said:

    I’d love to send these to my sister in D.C. to cheer up her day!

  102. Gwen said:

    I would send these beautiful cards to my dearest friend in Oregon. We have known each other since the sixth grade, but she unfortunately moved away a few years after. I hardly get to see her and know that these cards would brighten even the gloomiest Oregon day!

  103. bronwen said:

    I love love love cards. It would be so lovely to receive a gift of cards each month of the year!

  104. Lauren said:

    I’d send to my grandma and great aunt who like to communicate through snail mail, and to my sisters, for little pick-me-ups. Thanks!

  105. Jo said:

    What a great giveaway! I would mail half to my best friend in Seattle so we could each send each other cards regularly. We are both home with new babies which makes phone calls hard and mail delivery exciting :)

  106. Paula said:

    I love sending cards to my family but I usually forget to buy them when I’m at the store so they’re always late! Frustrating.

  107. Kayla Norsworthy said:

    Wow! I ogle over Parchment Post all the time!
    My best friend recently moved to Denmark and it’d be wonderful to keep in touch with these adorable cards!!

  108. Brittany said:

    Eek, so cute! I would use them to keep in touch with my friends all over while I am up in Alaska for five months. I moved to Portland from there, but I always go back for awhile. I could use some cute cards so my friends here know I haven’t forgotten about them!

  109. Sydney said:

    Swoon. I love precious paper products. I would send them to my big sissy who lives in California and my little sissy who lives in Chicago. We write letters to each other so we can feel like we’re living in times where people took trains with adorable suitcases, wore full skirts and dresses, and loved to dance.

  110. Caitlin said:

    A paper subscription? Genius, genius, genius.

    I would probably end up sending all of them to my sister. But she would love it…

  111. Michelle said:

    This is THE BEST giveaway by the way! I would send cards to my friend and “pen pal” Heather. Despite the conveniences of modern technology and email, my friend Heather and I keep in touch from Seattle to Omaha and back via mailbox mail (I loathe the phrase “snail mail.”). It’s so exciting to open the mailbox to a card or letter!


  112. Christina said:

    What such a neat idea!! I definitely need to gather some money for a subscription. I would def’ send cards to all my best friends from college. I went to school out of state and we all happen to be from around the US and sending out cards is what I love to do. And they say that snail mail is dead…psshhh its hardly dead at all in my opinion!

  113. Heidi jo said:

    How fabulous! I’d send cards to my sister and my best friend. They both live 7 hrs away and I miss them like crazy!

  114. Ash H said:

    Love these! I’d send these to my two great friends living in Vancouver and Melbourne. My Gran (who lives just up the road from me) appreciates a good card too, and I think she’d be cheered by these.

  115. Gretchen said:

    What an amazing giveaway! I’ve always wanted to send a note a day. I’d send to my brother, sister-in-law, grandpa, girlfriends across the country, cousins, aunts, etc….

  116. Gretchen said:

    oops, wrong email.

  117. Erin said:

    How lovely! I’m moving away from my family and friends in sunny Florida to pursue graduate school, and I would love to send these special letters to those I love most :)

  118. Cate said:

    I would love to send these cards to my soulmate, my Merchant Marine, who goes away for long trips and looks forward to my letters!

  119. Sally said:

    I love them!

    I would send these cards to my family, I am going travelling and need to keep in touch with my Mum and Dad who both live alone, I could send them these from all around the world collecting post marks as I go!

  120. Suite Henry said:

    I’m the only one of my friends to send snail mail. I love it and they love receiving it! This giveaway is rocking my world right now!

  121. April said:

    There is a chance i’ll be making a move out west in the coming year. This would be the perfect opportunity to keep in touch with my family on the east coast.

  122. Christina said:

    My husband and I moved to Omaha a bit longer than a year ago, leaving behind all of our dear friends and family on the East Coast. We love to write letters and would use the sweet cards to write to all of our loved ones, asking them to join us in the Big O!

  123. Danielle said:

    I love to send and receive old fashioned mail! I have a friend who plays penpal with me so this would be great to send off to her :)

  124. angelica said:

    parchment post is such a wonderful new discovery! i would enjoy sending letters to people in my own town, sneaky!

  125. Kate said:

    What a cool company! I’d love to have some fun + pretty cards to send to my mom, sister, and girlfriends. Who doesn’t love getting real mail??

  126. Aly said:

    My boyfriend calls me the Queen of Correspondence. After leaving Colorado for DC a year and a half ago, it’s been a treat to make sure some part of me still gets delivered to my people back in the mountains.

    My most faithful pen pal is my 94-year-old G’ma. C’mon G’ma! Let’s win these cards!

  127. Mélanie said:

    Très jolie!
    My best friend recently moved to the UK and loves getting my “snail mail”. I also adore sending mail to my mom, even if she lives 20 minutes from my place… she loves “surprise” in the mail! I heart “snail mail”!!

  128. Elizabeth said:

    I love writing letters to my friends all around the country. It always means so much to get an unexpected note in the mail – these would be perfect to send!

  129. Eliina said:

    I would use the cards to keep in touch with my 94 year old grandmother. She loves receiving cute cards in the mail.

  130. Amanda said:

    My husband and I are grad students and so our friends are always moving away! I’d love to keep in touch and send updates about our baby.

  131. Megan said:

    I love sending cards in general, but I am going to be moving across the country for 4 years, and would love to send cards home to friends and family ‘just because’!

  132. nicole b. said:

    What a great giveaway. I would send cards to my grandmother, Mimi, and to my friends Emily and Vanessa who recently moved away and to my dad and sister who live a few hours away. Thanks for the chance to win. xo.


  133. lindsay said:

    Wow these cards are just adorable. I live on the west coast and would love sending these to my fiance who is up in Alaska and my family back on the East Coast!

  134. Katie said:

    Oh, I love paper so much! What a treat it would be to get surprise packages of paper goods throughout the year! I would send notes to my dad, who loves letter-writing, and my great aunt, who delights in getting little notes from me.

  135. Courtney said:

    One of my favorite things in the world is coming home to a handwritten card in the mail, so I do my best to do that for my loved ones regularly! These cards would absolutely make anyone’s day, and I’d love to be the one sending them!

  136. Sara P. said:

    One of best friends was just saying that she never gets any “real” mail anymore. I would send her a card out of the blue!

    This is such a great idea. I am a total sucker for cards like these!

  137. Colleen K said:

    Oh goodness. This is right up my alley. Pick me, please!

  138. Linds said:

    I live way far away (all the way across the Atlantic!) from my friends and family in the States. My favorite way to stay in touch is by sending cards and postcards. Please pick me! The cards will be used to send sweet messages back home!

  139. Jess said:

    I’m getting married at the end of summer…so I’d send these cards (as little love-notes) to my lovely wedding party to get them geared up for the wedding; and then to thank them after the wedding! I would love to win! Thanks!

  140. rebecca said:

    Yay! I would love this…

  141. Amber Foster said:

    I would send them to my little sister who lives on the other side of the country.
    I would send them to my best friend who lives two streets away.
    I would send them to myself marked “Secret Admirer” when I get my mad at my beau.

  142. Holly said:

    What a cool giveaway. I would send cards to my mom and my sister (who live far away), and my MIL (who lives nearby).

  143. Tricia Ketchey said:

    I would mail them to the new love of my life – my new baby niece, Stella! She lives in another state and I only get to see her every few weeks. Imagine saving them and reading them when she is older, all the “aunt” advice I could give her through the mail! So special.

  144. Felicia said:

    I would send them to my friends and family! I have a passion for snail mail, so even if I don’t win I’ll probably sign up! But winning is nice too! I never win anything…

  145. Wendy D. P. said:

    Beautiful! I love snail mail :)

  146. Oh, My darling said:

    I have this fantastic group of 9 ladyfriends from college. Now, we’re all in med school, grad school, law school, or working, all over the globe. I’d love to send these cards to my closest friends, to brighten their oh-so-busy lives!


  147. Royall said:

    One of my New Year resolutions is to mail a card to someone once a week. This would be perfect for helping me keep up that goal!

  148. cadams said:

    So cute! I’d send one to a different friend each month just because.

  149. ejane said:

    Adorable!! There is nothing greater than a hand-written letter from a loved one. I try to send letters to my dearest friends, family, and sorority sisters every couple of months. I hope to continue the tradition with these cute cards!

  150. janet said:

    more and more of my friends are living farther and farther away. these cards would be such a sweet way to keep in touch! thanks!

  151. caroline said:

    my best friend brooke and i are obsessed with cards/stationery! and even though we live less than a mile apart we are always giving and sending each other cards that we find and love.

    great giveaway! thanks for the opportunity!

  152. Lacy said:

    My husband and I just returned from India where we made some lasting friendships. I would send my cards to the college students I met.

  153. Mariana said:

    I would send cards to my family and friends in Argentina.