lately I’ve been trying to incorporate more prints into my overly solid wardrobe.  I love the prints and looks from Gorman.

{from gorman, via miss moss}


8 Responses to “gorman”

  1. Liza said:

    I’m mostly solids-centric as well, but I love a good polka-dot print. I like that Gorman’s version is slightly haphazard instead of uniform.

  2. Fiona Brealey said:

    These prints are just gorgeous! I love the textures and layers they are teamed with too! Beautiful I’ll definitely check out more from Gorman.
    Fiona Brealey
    Textile Designer

  3. Fiona Brealey said:

    I love these prints, totally gorgeous and I like the way they are teamed with layers and other textures. I will definitely check out more from Gorman
    Fiona Brealey
    Textile Designer

  4. kerington said:

    very sweet blog

  5. Gloria said:

    love these outfits – the patterned tights are too cute!

  6. missy said:

    great finds. I love the pattern mixing, very artistic