morning calm

morning calm

I confess.  I have a tiny obsession with pretty soaps.  I prefer a bar of soap many times over liquid and tend to linger in the soap section of our co-op.  isn’t this gift set from Morning Calm just beautiful?  I’d have a hard time not wanting to keep them out for a pretty display!

{thanks Jen, for reminding me of Anabela’s original post about these!}


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  1. Caroline C said:

    I am the same way! I confess, i have six bars of soap that I haven’t had the heart to use yet because they are so beautiful. Have you tried soap from Saipua? Half of the ones I am holding onto are from their lovely Brooklyn shop. This set looks simply divine! I had spotted their etsy shop last month but can’t justify buying any more soaps to hold onto until I have the heart to use what I already have!

  2. Catherine said:

    I don’t usually but the March House Beautiful had the most lovely soaps in yummy fragrances and they were monogrammed! So elegant. I fell in love.

  3. Lauren said:

    Not only am I a soap fanatic, I am deeply in love with Morning Calm soaps. I highly recommend trying this amazing products. Not only do they look beautiful, they smell so wonderful, and they do wonders for your skin!

  4. caroline said:

    I’m the same way too. I love bars of soap. I make sure to always have a bar next to my liquid soap in the bathroom. and I have purchased a sample set from Morning Calm and patiently waiting for it to arrive. the seller is so nice and great, and takes such wonderful pictures. I can’t wait for them.

  5. Cozbi said:

    i thought these were cheese for a second :) i don’t which i’m more happy about; that they are soap or that they are soaps that look like cheese!

  6. Search for J Street said:

    I also love bar soaps! Especially homemade and organic ones. I really like it when they come with seeds and herbs in them because it helps exfoliate, although it makes a mess all over my shower. I will just never be able to get on board with this newfangled body-wash-loofah trend. Thanks for the post! I’m obsessed with this Etsy shop now.

  7. Jen said:

    Yes! Please review if you try them out – I probably won’t order them for a little while. Also – thanks so much for the link love! Hardly anyone knows about my blog, so every mention really helps! xo

  8. Summer said:

    Oh, they would look so good on a shelf like lined-up books in the bathroom!

  9. Sarah said:

    I just received my first morning calm set in the mail today. She included two sample soaps! What a sweetheart! I used french white clay on my face. It feels clean and tight (a good feeling to me) but not dry! I love this soap