pretty blues


I have an abundance of grey and blue in my closet.  I wouldn’t mind adding one of these beauties to my collection.

{from steven alan}


12 Responses to “pretty blues”

  1. michella said:

    oooooh, the cloud dress!

  2. Brittany said:

    grey and blue are the colors of most of my closet. and these dresses would fit in so nicely!

  3. Felicity said:

    I love blues and greys and this post just reinforces that! They’re such soothing colors.

  4. ag. said:

    What sweet colours! They are all so dreamy!

  5. caroline said:

    loving the blues. I too have tons of blues (and greys) in my closet.

  6. Twiggs said:

    oh beautiful shades of blue and outfits!!!!! ;) spring is on uts way!!! twiggs

  7. Jo said:

    These are gorgeous. Blue has always been my “grown up” colour instead of pink, but these are so cute!