right this second…


my heart goes out:
to all of those in Japan and those with friends and family in Japan too.  may peace find them.

I love:
this stylish cutie.

I’m dreaming about:
warm sunshine.
floating.  {this has spread like wildfire, but it’s still incredible beautiful.  first spotted on nelson & lorraine via say yes! to hoboken}
waffles.  {see some more fun pregnancy cravings here}

I’m wishing spring would arrive so I could buy:
these shoes.
this cute dress.
these shades.

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and my baby bump in all it’s 30 week striped glory.

happy weekend friends!!

{photo from mio-spr}


5 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Anne-Cecile said:

    Love the sunglasses. And Bird is one of my favorite stores in Cobble Hill. :)

  2. diana said:

    cute shoes! also the balloon story is so sweet.

  3. hila said:

    I’m just at a loss as to what to say about Japan. Some things are beyond words.

  4. Natasha said:

    Lovely photo and lovely blog! I’m dreaming of spring too, I can’t wait to wear dresses and shoes and shades too!