rings on her fingers


my friend and jewelry designer Satomi Kawakita just got married over the holiday season.  she sent me a link to her wedding photos and I loved her dress so much, I begged her to let me share with you.  I love that it looks like feathers and how fantastic does it look with those little black boots?  can’t help that there’s a pretty lady wearing it too!  I’m also kind of dying over the fact that she wears 7 rings on her left hand middle finger and 14 rings on her right!  swoon!

Satomi mentioned that she just got tons of interesting diamonds last week that she’s super excited to work with.  her next collection will be filled with one-of-a-kind diamonds and I can’t wait to see them.

thanks for letting me share your photos, Satomi!!


14 Responses to “rings on her fingers”

  1. erin said:

    hoorah for satomi! she made me the most beautiful engagement ring. a treasure, for sure.

  2. Jenny Gordy said:

    beautiful dress! i got to meet satomi last week! she has GREAT style and is adorable.

  3. Claudia said:

    I have a lot of Satomi’s jewelry and it is by far my favorite! Just so interesting, subtle and gorgeous.

  4. jennifer said:

    She looks so adorable and how funny, I just took a photo of Satomi wearing her rings on Monday because they are that amazing:)

  5. Courtney said:

    i absolutely love her rings and the fact that she didn’t wear a traditional wedding dress. she looks fabulous!

  6. Greer said:

    Wow! Beautiful rings. I took a look at her site and I think I’m in love!

  7. Rebecca Haas said:

    I’m wearing my one Satomi ring right now, and I aspire to a stack the size she wears! I even blogged about it!) It will take me a few years. . .but I am determined!

  8. marisa said:

    how cute are they! I love her rings (and heard about them from you to begin with) ~ all of your ring posts are my fave ;D

  9. satomi said:

    thanks Alyson, and everyone for all the nice comments!!!

  10. Jewelrywhore said:

    Love the combo of rings! This will definitely give me some inspiration next time I think I’m wearing too many rings! :)