sankaku sachet for japan

Sankaku Sachet for Japan

there are so many wonderful artists out there dedicating their time and efforts to support Japan and it’s recent events.  Yoko wrote today to tell me about her Sankaku Sachets for Japan and I think they’re quite lovely!  {and scented with lavender!}  plus, she’s donating 100% of all the proceeds to the earthquake and tsunami victims.  you can purchase your sachet here.

I’m working on a special “heart Japan necklace” that I’m adding to the shop next week.  I’ll be donating 50% of my proceeds to relief efforts as well!  I’ll update you when they are ready.


5 Responses to “sankaku sachet for japan”

  1. erica said:

    do you know if there is a list anywhere of artists and designers supporting japan’s relief efforts?

  2. alyson said:

    I don’t, but that’s a great question. perhaps someone else reading might know!

  3. freefloatingsoul said:

    thank you so much for this post. i immediately bought those sachets and what a bonus that they are way cute :)